Free WhamBam Warriors VIP-Puzzle RPG

What’s wrong? There is another great offer from Google for WhamBam Warriors VIP, the puzzle RPG. This is what they say.

WhamBam Warriors VIP – Get Puzzle RPG for Free!

A few words about WhamBam Warriors VIP – Puzzle RPG

* For the VIP version, we will send you a special gift worth $ 10 once.

* VIP version and regular version share the same server.

Collect warriors and dive into dungeon adventures!

# A puzzle RPG where every move is a strategy to tickle your head

Warrior selection, timing, and great placement come together for a perfect victory

Use your wisdom to solve each dungeon puzzle!

#Go WhamBam With hundreds of cute but powerful characters!

Over 200 unique warriors are ready for battle!

Gather their crazy skills and build your own deck to wipe out the creepiest dungeons

# Experience fast-paced PvP mode in Coliseum!

Meet and fight users from all over the world

Use your strategy to create decks and outperform your opponents!

# Hundreds of stages with endless monsters and evil traps!

Unique monsters with various themes! From slimes to zombies – defeat everything!

Breakthrough difficult stages with creative combinations of your warriors!

Last note

Log in with your Google account to download the game and install it on your device.

So hustle. Click the button below and follow the instructions listed. It’s as easy as that! Are you excited about this gift? A huge list of active Giveaways and contests can be found on the Giveaways and Free Steam Keys pages.

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