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Freight Waves Weekly Podcast Summary-Freight Waves

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What is a truck? !! ??

Monday: In today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude learn all about third-party dog ​​freight programs and how K-9 training works.

Wednesday: In this episode of WHAT THE TRUCK? !! ?? Dooner and The Dude spend eight rounds discussing their role in the logistics world with people everywhere in the freight industry.

Friday: WHAT THE TRUCK? !! ?? In this episode, Dooner and Dude continue a conversation about the blockade of the Suez Canal and hear about the creation of Optimus Prime.

Please put that coffee

Monday: Kevin Hill describes the balance needed to be successful in sales.

The latest information on the market at noon

Tuesday: Kaylee Nix and Michael Vincent are looking at the First Mile logistics market and hearing about the recent surge in acquisitions.

Thursday: Nix and Vincent are looking for the latest information on mergers and container ship issues.

Great quarter, everyone

Tuesday: This year’s trucking market is very strong and freight brokers are skyrocketing. Cessholm and Andrew Cox disassemble it.


Wednesday: K-Ratio’s Kyle Lintner says 3PL facing “underwater” needs to talk to the shipper to benefit from both this episode of #WithSONAR with LukeFalasca and KyleTaylor.

Long-distance crime log

Thursday: FreightWaves investigates the driver’s claim that he was forced to drive for 50 hours in a row to meet customer deadlines.

Navigate B2B

Friday: The impact of the Suez Canal backup will last for several weeks. Steve Ferreira analyzes what you need to know to deal with downstream impacts.

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Freight Waves Weekly Podcast Summary-Freight Waves Freight Waves Weekly Podcast Summary-Freight Waves

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