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Freightera’s Green Mission Origins: Interview with DotCom Magazine’s Zhenya Beck

Zhenya Beck talks about Freightera’s Green Mission and the personal story behind it

Earlier this month, Freightera co-founder and marketing director Zhenya Beck said: interview With Andy Jacob DotCom Magazine.. Zhenya shared the deep and personal story behind Freightera’s Green Mission. cargo Easy, accessible and environmentally friendly delivery to reduce stress on people and the planet.

Freightera: Online Cargo Marketplace for Enterprises

Zhenya co-founded Freightera with her husband Eric Beckwitt in 2014, and over time the company became the first low-emission freight market for large and small businesses (manufacturers, retailers, distributors), crossing Canada, the United States and the border. It was shipped over. From the United States to Canada and vice versa.

Freightera offers instant and comprehensive fare quotes from hundreds of carriers and is ready to book in seconds. This system is often compared to Expedia for its simplicity, comprehensiveness, and ease of use.

“Enter your origin and destination, a description of what you’re shipping, the number of pallets, and your weight, and with the click of a button, you’ll see prices from multiple carriers available in your lane. You can sort it. Career By evaluation, delivery quote, and low emission options. And all the quotes are ready for booking and include everything. It can save a lot of time for shippers who have been looking for trucks at affordable prices for hours and sometimes days, “says Zhenya.

How was Freightera born?

Freightera’s Green Mission began as a deep and personal story.

Zhenya grew up in Siberia on the shores of Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake. She was studying journalism in college and wanted to write about the environment, Lake Baikal, and how the environment and health relate to each other.

In 1991, Zhenya met her future husband, Eric Beckwitt. He will later become Freightera’s co-founder and CEO. Eric worked as a GIS specialist and was very famous for environmental protection in California at the time, and Jenya worked as an environmental journalist in Russia. In 1996, Jenya and Eric built a house in California, and in 1999 a boy was born.

“He was born healthy and happy, but he developed life-threatening asthma around the age of one. Sometimes I took long walks to the hospital, which made me very stressed and really scared. I couldn’t sleep at night just listening to his breath. We lived in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the sky was blue, so why did we look so far from the big city? I didn’t understand. A survey as a journalist found that we live in one of the most polluted above-ground areas in the United States. “

Their California dream is over, and in 2004 they decided to move to Vancouver to protect their son’s health.

Ten years later, they founded Freightera.

“Being in the middle of the transportation industry allowed us to actually do something meaningful about it. 7% of greenhouse gas emissions are from freight and what If not, you may know that if you do business normally, you’ll reach 50% by 2050, and it doesn’t matter what we think about greenhouses and climate change. Is an air pollution, which is actually killing people. About 8.5 million people die from air pollution every year in the world. 25 million Americans suffer from asthma. It’s about 8%. Surprisingly, it’s even higher in Canada. It’s a serious problem because it’s about 10% of the population, children, ourselves, and sensitive people, “says Zhenya.


How does Freightera help the environment?

The Freightera system connects B2B shippers to the most energy efficient carriers on each route or service area. In the company’s green freight market, customers can see if they are participating in emission reduction programs such as the US Environmental Protection Agency / Environmental Canada SmartWay Partnership or are using low emission rails for long haul.

“Early in the company talk, our CEO was contacted by London-based Climate Change-New Economy magazine and they told him. Green future of cargo.. That is our vision. Shortly thereafter, we were invited to Marrakech. COP22 Climate Change ConferenceAnd also talked about Freightera’s green future. It was then contacted by Canada’s SmartWay program and run by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Government of Canada, who asked us for a feature. SmartWay certified carrier On our website. That’s why Freightera became the first low-emission freight market. “

Read more about Freightera’s Green Mission..

Would you like to participate in environmental conservation? Sign up for a free account with Freightera, And ships cargo with low emission carriers.

Freightera’s Green Mission Origins: Interview with DotCom Magazine’s Zhenya Beck Freightera’s Green Mission Origins: Interview with DotCom Magazine’s Zhenya Beck

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