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Friday. A cliff for the weekend. Certainly I am interested in getting there. It was a tough month for many, but it’s still on the way. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is within two weeks? I’m far less prepared than I want to be. Unfortunately, I was really looking forward to it earlier this year, but there aren’t any big gatherings. But Wadia Gonnad? You’re going to have a snack in the story of some bite-sized games that’s what you’re trying to do. Get it. Today’s platters include:

New dice available from Kraken Dice

Rival adventure groups and evil justices are not comparable to your party, not when you bring gems and hologlitter for a completely ridiculous gaming session!

You won’t want to miss the latest additions to the limited edition line with these new holographic glitter and color ink sets!

Available now at a special price on Black Friday! Gem and Holloglitter: Featuring Clementine, Gem and Holloglitter: Featuring Verdi are the first of five new Holloglitter dice sets.

Etruscan warrior appears on Kickstarter

The project is designed to bring to life the important but often overlooked aspects of ancient Roman and Mediterranean history, the Etruscan warrior culture. Much of Etruscan culture and heritage was absorbed by the Romans and became essentially Romans, but the Etruscans were their own culture. This range brings these fascinating and unique warriors to your ancient tabletop game.

Like much of the ancient world, the Etruscans had a very strong hierarchy. Aristocrats and their families formed Class I warriors. Their close holders and bodyguards are considered Class II warriors. Trained fighters used regularly in the military are Class III. The remaining ranks are filled by civilians forced into service and these are considered Class IV and V warriors.

This campaign brings a wide variety of new Etruscan miniatures of all classes to the world of wargaming. Stavros Zouliatis engraved models in this range, so it perfectly matches the range of Mortal Gods he carved for Footsore Miniatures & Games.

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