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Throughout the week, I had a tough time figuring out how many days it was. I thought I got together yesterday morning saying “Yes, it’s Thursday”. But at the end of the day, I thought, “Yes, it’s Friday.” Of course, it wasn’t Friday at that time. It’s Friday now. And that means it’s time to nod to talk about some bite-sized games. Maybe I’ll be back on the course in weekend days. I understand. Anyway, on the platter we have today:

Draco Studios’ new demon mini is now available on Kickstarter

Now you can get 3 Daimoi as a huge resin miniature (or STL file). Beautifully engraved and skillfully printed, it is limited to only 200 for each deimos.

At Dragonbond, Vaala is the main force that shapes creativity in three aspects: fai (dream), id (will), and kaab (source of life). It is a magical power for the Barrelians and a source of nutrition and power for the dragon. Daimoi is the fall of Vara.

These three Daimois have embraced the id aspect of Vara, the corruption of will, to the limit.

New fruitcake dice set available from Kraken Dice

Ring the holidays with fruitcake.

Finally, the fruitcake you don’t want to re-gift. This color glitter dice set captures the infamous holiday spirit of the same name without the use of any fruity chunks.

A set of 14 kraken fruitcake glitter dice will be released tonight on Thursday, December 2nd at 6pm. Fruitcakes are part of a limited production of a total of 500 sets.

December Free Mini Available from Victoria Miniature


Ah, it’s already December! New miniature time of the month. Hildegard Hell, a female missionary carved by Patrick Keith. For every $ 50 you pay, you can add one of these minis for free.

Victoria Miniatures are manufactured in the United States and all orders over US $ 100 are shipped free of charge worldwide.

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