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Everyone, it’s half. No, it’s not a week. It’s completely over (well, it’s over at the end of today). I’m talking about that year. It ended in 6 months. There are 6 months left in 2022. It’s also a three-day weekend here in the United States. I’m definitely ready for it. So listen to bite-sized games to save energy on the three-day weekend and later in the year. Today’s platters include:

Mystery dice up with kick starter

Mystery Dice 1.0 was an overwhelming success achieved with a 91% approval rate, unlocking dozens of sets, lots of “strange things” and servicing thousands of advocates. We are back as adventurers, you and I will do it again. To continue our quest to “make everything!”

All new die set designs, newly upgraded Weird Stuff (now called Weird-er Stuff!), Quite a few new party members (you!), The resurrection of the Daily Puzzle Challenge, and even new guests. I have a designer. It will be a lot of fun! Let’s get started!

New Resin Ninja Reaper Head available from Puppets War

A new resin cast Ninja Reaper Head is now available in our store πŸ”₯

You have 24 hours left to take advantage of the 20% off head and helmet bit promotion.

Dracopolis Dice Up On Kickstarter

A bit of a new iron warrior coming from Games Workshop

It ’s a little-known fact, The best siege of the galaxy – Iron Warrior was an all-star trendsetter. For the rest of the Legiones Astartes, I tried accessories such as: Laurel wreath When Stubby hornsIV Legion knew exactly where the next 10,000 years of fashion were heading – skull.

New lush traveler dice set available from Kraken Dice

This all-new take of the most popular Journey of Souls set brings a whole new perspective on the adventure at hand.

These gorgeous dice won’t last long, as alternative metallic mint inks and only 500 sets are manufactured.

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