Friday the 13th: The game shuts down a dedicated server this month

Friday the 13th: The game, which stopped new development in the face of legal issues in 2018, will shut down its dedicated server when the next patch arrives this month. This is the final patch for a multiplayer horror game.

GunMedia’s lead community developer, Matt Shotcha, posted an announcement on Friday, November 3rd. The game forum is November 3rd. “In the end, we need to get everything done,” he wrote, and although the dedicated server will soon be deprecated, it will still be playable in peer-to-peer matchmaking in the multiplayer game Quickplay Lobby. Gun Media will also continue to run the game’s database server. That is, the progress and unlocking of all players remains intact.

However, it cannot be denied that this is a kind of end. A proceeding between the two creators on Friday the 13th was inevitable as all new developments in the game were suspended in 2018. GunMedia fixed the bug and was banned from adding new content while the proceedings passed the US court.

According to Shotcha, Friday the 13th will continue to be available for purchase on Steam, and the site will continue to be available as a resource for players who need to fix copy issues. Twice the XP, CP, and tape drop rates established by GunMedia at the onset of the coronavirus outbreak will be permanent.

“The Gun team wants to thank all the players and fans who made Friday the 13th. It’s the game of the day,” Shotcha wrote. “Inevitably, we know that this news is hard to hear. Thank you to each and every one of you.”

He ends the post with a hint that there is something new in Gun Media’s work, but he has to wait for what it is. For now, Jason has to return to his resting place at the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake.

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