Froggie chair finally arrives at Animal Crossing New Horizons

On this blessed day of Animal Crossing news, the revelation to destroy one planet stands out above all else: Frog chair comes to Animal Crossing New Horizons..

The long-awaited furniture item was teased in the free update section of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Direct in about 11 minutes, casually placed in the corner of the room, as if its presence did not shake thousands of people around the world. I laughed quietly as if. Their core.

The frog chair is more than a pretty little seat for the Animal Crossing community, who have relentlessly remembered their absence since the game’s March 2020 release.

In previous Animal Crossing games, Froggie Chairs could be purchased from Tom Nook, Timmy, and Tommy stores. This suggests that we have to wait painfully to appear in New Horizons’ Nuuk Crannie.

A new batch of items will be released on Nooks Cranny, and Froggy Chair is probably one of them.

The Animal Crossing Forum will burn with people visiting the island demanding a ransom for the King when Froggie Chairs are in stock.

The Lily Pad Table, another item in the classic Froggie set, wasn’t displayed directly, but there wasn’t any demand seen by its cousins.

Starting November 5th, when the Animal Crossing 2.0 update will be dropped on all players, you’ll finally be able to get a dirty mitt in your froggie chair.

There’s more to come with everyone’s favorite smiling amphibious friends, but why do you want something else? In addition to the requested returns features such as Brewster’s Coffee House, Shopping Plaza and Gyroid, Happy Home Paradise, a fully paid DLC expansion pack, has also been removed.

Happy Home Paradise seems to bundle the Happy Home Designer spin-off with the main game. In the main game, create new rooms and homes for the villagers.

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