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The· Outdoor Power Equipment Research Institute Has released its December forecast, showing growth across the industry despite continued pandemics and downward market pressure, and continues to forecast positive activity until 2021.

OPEI is an international trade association that represents manufacturers and suppliers of electric power equipment, small engines, battery power systems, portable generators, utility vehicles, golf cars and personal transport vehicles.

Chris Kaiser, President and CEO of OPEI, said: “It was very difficult this year, but the industry has stepped up to continue manufacturing and shipping the equipment it needs, helping many Americans go out and work and reconnect with their lifestyle. I did. ”

Kiser said: “Demand for outdoor power equipment is expected to remain strong until 2021 as homeowners expand their connection to the landscape and invest in maintaining outdoor space. Consumer demand remains high and outdoor power equipment The dealer’s inventory is still tight. “

Overall, the industry’s shipments of outdoor power equipment have increased by more than 5 million units, up 16% from last year. These levels are expected to continue to rise in 2021.

Both gas and battery / electrical equipment expanded this year, with all electrical and battery-powered segments tracked by OPEI recording double-digit growth. “The industry continues to expand its electricity supply to commercial contractors and homeowners,” Kiser said. “OPE manufacturers have the equipment and power to get the job done, whether gasoline, propane or battery / power.”

• Consumer lawnmower shipments increased by more than 15% in 2020, with 7.7 million units shipped.

• Commercial lawnmower shipments decreased by approximately 5% in 2020 compared to 2019, with more than 308,000 shipped, but are expected to increase by more than 5% in 2021.

• Shipments of handheld power equipment increased by more than 17% in 2020, with 29.3 million units shipped.

“Commercial products have fallen a bit this year due to the conservativeness of professional landscape contractors during this uncertain period. They continue to save and are likely to be in a strong cash position in the spring. “Kaiser said. “Manufacturers are expecting significant commercial investment in the spring of 2021 and expect the sector to grow by more than 5% next year.”

OPEI Forecasts Forecasts are based on monthly shipment data reported by OPEI members and account for over 90% of all shipments in the US market. OPEI’s forecasts reflect product shipments that include all power sources (gas, batteries, corded (AC), diesel, propane, etc.).

Historically, OPEI has made a strong commitment to collecting and disclosing data for the benefit of its member companies. OPEI began collecting lawnmower shipment data in 1953 and has expanded its program over the next few decades to reflect product innovation and growth in the US market. OPEI industry data is collected, edited, and predicted by contracted third parties and is only accessible to member companies. All OPEI members who ship eligible products in the United States are eligible to participate in this important program and, in most cases, ensure that OPEI data constitutes a near-perfect market representation. In addition, all OPEI forecasts are made through third parties working in consultation with OPEI member manufacturers.

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From Aloha to an enhanced golf course From Aloha to an enhanced golf course

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