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An email to the president of the association mentions nepotism during Arun Jetley’s reign. The statue of Arun Jetley is located in Kotora.

Former Indian Captain Bush Hammer Bedi We asked the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) to remove his name from the spectators’ seats at Ferrozshire Kotora Stadium, home of domestic cricket. We have also abandoned our membership in the association. In an email to DDCA, Bedi responded to the news that the association had decided to build a statue of Arun Jateley, the former president of the association, in a stadium renamed after him after his death last year. Stated. ..

Named after the venue stand in 2017, Bedi cites what he called the “unpleasant past” and the nepotism of Jatley’s 14-year rule as President of DDCA as the reason for his decision. did.

This is the full text of an email from Bedi to Rohan Jaitley, son of Arun Jaitley and new president of DDCA, on December 22nd.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart and embarrassment.

I’m old enough to know not to speak ill of the dead. And I hope you too are old enough to know my personal relationship with late Arun Jetley. Let’s say we weren’t really cricketing our peers when he was the president of DDCA. My appointments about the choices of people he has hand-selected to carry out DDCA’s day-to-day operations are well known. I remember he leaving a meeting in his dwelling where he couldn’t throw away the violent elements with terribly dirty words. I think I was too smart. The school is too old. Proud of Indian cricketers, they were not hired by the corrupt Durbar of Psycho fans who gathered in Kotora during the stewardship.

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From Bishan Singh Bedi to DDCA From Bishan Singh Bedi to DDCA

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