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From the far end of the field | Book Review — Star Gazing: The Players in My Life by Ravi Shastri with Ayaz Memon

He also appreciates Richie Benaud, a commentator rather than a cricket player. Again, there is no other way to look at it.

Ravi Shastri is a well-known name for a new generation of cricket, even though he stopped playing cricket in 1992. In addition to being the coach of today’s Indian team, his reputation has been built up as a mediocre cricket commentator until he took over. Coaching assignments. Known for his keen and unbiased analysis, he pays homage to his viewers.

In his book Starry sky, Shastri, along with Ayaz Memon, writes about some cricketers, starting with what he grew up in admiration for the more modern players he observes from the commentator box.

This is an excellent collection of articles about cricket players of interest to cricket enthusiasts of all ages. Where he was personally involved as a player or commentator, there is a great recollection of certain bowling spells or batting episodes that readers can often relate to.

He is very diplomatic in his expected commentary, but he avoids controversies that may have involved some players, as this is about a cricket player he admires for a variety of reasons. increase.

Even Greg Chappell, who had a rather noisy relationship with other Indian cricket players as a coach, only talks about his unpleasant mark on test cricket when Shastri asks his brother to put his armpits in a bowl. .. Other than that, he avoids any political discourse.

On another occasion, he talks about how he kicked Javed Miandad out of the Indian dressing room when the Indian team became uncomfortable while celebrating. If the reader wants to read more of such an incident, there will be some disappointment.

Shastri has praised various cricketers, but the most prominent in his ranking are the most talented all-rounder Gary Sobars and the most feared Batman Vivian Richards. Both are from the West Indies and both are awe-inspiring. With the power of the bat, Clive Lloyd will be applauded. There is less debate here, as most enthusiasts who have lived the years of cricket do not challenge his choice.

Similarly, he is in awe of Gundappa Vishwanat for his pure style and easy approach to batting. This is what the old people agree. There was a saying that whenever India won, Vishwanat would have done well.

The Farlock engineer was probably the first cavalier batter of choice for everyone, and Mansur Ali Mansur Pataudi was a very keen captain. They also have chapters.

He also appreciates Richie Benaud, a commentator rather than a cricket player. Again, there is no other way to look at it. Two important points from Beno are that appearance is very important. This is also known as Shastri. Looking at the commentators, I needed to get some inspiration, and everything from hair styling to tie pins was perfect for Beno’s look.

Second, as a television commentator, you need to know that, unlike radio, it’s more important than descriptive so that you can get more perspective. These are two good lessons for anyone aspiring to be a cricket commentator.

Hopefully many commentators today need to get clues from this observation. Just as commentators see clearly on the screen, it can be jarring to see cricket when commentators are rambling.

Shastri put players in the club in a variety of sections, including the section that inspired him and the section he played with, which he calls “friends and rivals.” Common to all these stories is that cricketers can be a nuisance on the field, which traditionally applies to Australians from Ian Chappell to Ricky Ponting, but changes color when they leave the field and others. You can always have a drink with your teammates. This is a characteristic suitable for any sport that distinguishes between on and off of the field.

The other players he observed from the box are clubbed separately and include some Sri Lankan players and some South Africans, but the last section of the current players shows his as follows: I have a favorite Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Ben Stokes, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson.

Shastri is at the forefront of some of the most forgotten and truly forgotten cricketers today, including four great Indian spinners, Erapalli Anantharao Srinivas Prasanna, Bhagwat Subramanya Chandrashekhar, Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan and Bishan Singh Bedi, who fascinated the world during their heyday. Bring to. They are covered in one chapter. He does the same for Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson, who are ranked as the first feared duo of fast bowlers who set the pace attack trend.

This is a pure vintage one with black and white photos properly added, and you can find Memon’s contribution when past players are covered. There is another chapter on Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, and Joel Garner, the unplayable West Indies bowlers who dominated cricket in the 1980s. Not only did Tony Greig bring the commentator box to life, but Tony Greig, who commercialized the game through the World Series Cricket franchise created by Kerry Packer, is well-deserved.

The coverage is very comprehensive, but astonishing, like his modern-day Mohad Azhardin, Krishna Machalis Ricance, Sandeep Patil, and Nav Giotto Sidhu, who were controversial but classy players. Exclusions will appear. They are probably inadvertent omissions that occur when the canvas is particularly wide. But still this is a must have for all cricket lovers of all ages.

Madansa Navis is the Chief Economist Care evaluation

Star Stare: Player of My Life
Aya’s Memon and Ravi Shastry
Harper Collins
Pp 299, Rs 699

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From the far end of the field | Book Review — Star Gazing: The Players in My Life by Ravi Shastri with Ayaz Memon From the far end of the field | Book Review — Star Gazing: The Players in My Life by Ravi Shastri with Ayaz Memon

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