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FTSE 100 Shares: Top 3 UK Shares to Buy for Stocks and Stocks ISA in February!

The· FTSE 100of Last week’s fresh fall created some great dip buying opportunities.But I have to buy these UK stocks for myself Stocks and stocks ISA??

# 1: Financial firecracker

Increasing demand for financial services Hargreaves Down A great choice for economic recovery. As corporate profits recover and market confidence regains, activity across this UK equity trading platform could skyrocket during the new bull market.

However, there are threats to Hargreaves Slans Down’s profit outlook. Raising interest rates could undermine people’s interest in buying stocks amid growing concern that central bank policy tightening could hinder economic recovery. It could also increase revenue from bank and building-and-loan accounts and reduce demand for services for FTSE 100 companies.

# 2: High-risk UK stocks

I want to invest in Hargreaves Slans Down rather than Hargreaves Slans Down Royal Dutch shell, However. This is even if crude oil prices could skyrocket in the coming years. As the economic recovery begins to click on gear, oil consumption will naturally move north.

However, I think the risk is still too great for this UK share. Increased demand can be offset by increased supply.For example, production restraints by influential OPEC Group countries have already begun to ease (latest data show total production from rising cartels. 7 months in a row In January). And in the long run, Shell and its associates face major challenges from a steady transition to green energy sources.

# 3: Buy a better FTSE 100?

I’m glad to load ITV But today’s inventory. This is despite the recent recovery in advertising revenues, which could block the potential for profit recovery on broadcasters in 2021 and lower stock prices again. If the Covid-19 crisis doesn’t improve, this UK share could be forced to shut down production across TV studios.

ITV wants to buy against the backdrop of its extraordinary long-term earnings situation. The FTSE 100 Broadcasters are investing Shed Road in the rapidly growing “Video on Demand” segment in recent years. It also splashes cash internally and through acquisitions, ITV studio Armed with a world-class production power.

# 4: Delicious snack

UK stocks high on my stocks and stocks ISA shopping list Just eat takeaway.. The coronavirus blockade has naturally ignited under the takeaway market for the past year. But this is an industry that was already booming before the Covid-19 breakout. And it’s a market that is leaning to keep growing. According to Statista, the global food market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.4% through 2024 and is worth a whopping $ 182.3 billion over the next few years.

However, keep in mind that at current prices, Just Eat is trading at a huge price-earnings ratio (P / E) of over 100x. This can disrupt the value of UK stocks if trading performance begins to disappoint.

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Royston Wild There are no positions in any of the listed shares. Motley Fool UK recommends Hargreaves Lansdown, ITV, and Just Eat The NV views expressed by the companies mentioned in this article are for writers and may differ from the official recommendations made by subscription services such as Share Advisor. , Hidden winners and pros. Here at The Motley Fool, by considering different insights, Better investors than us.

FTSE 100 Shares: Top 3 UK Shares to Buy for Stocks and Stocks ISA in February! FTSE 100 Shares: Top 3 UK Shares to Buy for Stocks and Stocks ISA in February!

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