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FUELMAX ENDURANCE-Goodyear’s new fuel efficiency and versatile tires

* Supporting moving truck makers and shipping companies For a more sustainable future

Focusing on the realization of fully sustainable Green Goodyear tires, we have contributed significantly to the development and introduction of a new fuel efficient and versatile product line called FUELMAX ENDURANCE. This range of steering and drive axle tires provides an innovative solution for transportation and logistics companies operating on both highways, national roads, and major roads.

The new series combines the fuel efficiency levels known for long-distance applications with the durability, traction and mileage needed to drive on these roads, resulting in thousands of UK and European fleets and truck makers. Helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.The company states that the new product line is the most versatile and fuel efficient to date, emphasizing that all sizes have a fuel efficient B label.While providing the best performance in interregional applications.

Another important contribution to reducing the C02 footprint is The new FUEL MAXENDURANCE is fully compatible with Goodyear’s retread program.

“Automakers, fleet managers, and operators are under pressure to reach sustainability goals while operating at low margins. Regulators, investors, and end customers are the most sustainable way. Demanding “clean” products to be shipped in. To support the true move towards a climate-neutral future in highly complex environments such as transportation, we need to coordinate efficient, environmentally friendly operations without increasing complexity. ” Gregory Boucherrat, Vice President of Commercial Europe, said. “The new FUEL MAXENDURANCE brings fuel efficiency, known for highway operation, to Roads A and B. Efficient, durable, low emissions and excellent grip, and long-lasting performance and mileage. With this new product line, we wanted to bridge the gap between sustainability and reality in our day-to-day operations. “

Goodyear’s decision to develop a new range focused on both fuel efficiency and durability is a move towards more sustainable transport and demand for more versatile products from both transport companies and truck manufacturers. To support the rise.

Efficient and long-lasting performance

As new standard tire equipment for new trucks, this range covers a variety of transportation applications and helps manufacturers reduce emission levels for new heavy vehicles by an average of 2% compared to C-label tires. Fuel efficiency.1 In line with Europe’s overall ambitions, CO2 emissions from new commercial vehicles need to be reduced by 15% after 2025 compared to the 2019-20 baseline, and doubled by 30% in 2030. ....

In the past, carriers often had to choose between durability, strong mileage performance, or good fuel efficiency when it comes to tires. FUELMAX ENDURANCE is no longer restricted to the types of roads it operates, and is designed to make it easier for fleet managers looking for cost and fuel efficiency to make that choice.

“”The versatile FUEL MAXENDURANCE series is a true game changer in the tire and transportation industry because it is efficient, durable and offers traction in addition to both low emissions and excellent mileage., “ Says Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director of Goodyear’s Commercial Business Unit Europe. “Reducing CO2 emissions by 2% saves about 1 ton of CO2 and 400L of fuel per truck per year. 100 vehicles switch from C-label to fuel-efficient B-label tires like FUEL MAXEN DURANCE. And you could save 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 40,000 liters of fuel per year. You can imagine that when you start increasing the number of vehicles and fleets.1

Main development priority areas

Goodyear engineers set new standards while 1. Mileage, 2. Traction, 3. For versatility, we focused on bridging the three conflicting regions of the development spectrum to ensure fuel economy and low emissions.

As a starting point The development of the new product line is based on proven Goodyear technology. Second, innovations customized for steering and drive axle positions extend Goodyear’s established fuel efficiency capabilities to a wider range of routes, with a robust and versatile design for traction, grip and mileage. It will be protected.

FUELMAX S ENDURANCE steer tires combine Goodyear’s proven IntelliMax rib technology in a 5 or 6 rib design to elaborate the rib distribution and groove shape. Shoulder groove reinforcements connect as the tire rolls, increasing tire robustness, more demanding off-motorways such as idling stop driving, stone impact suppression, increased turning and maneuvering, and increased braking. Limit wear on your journey. tire.

The deeper the tread with the selected steer size, the more wearable the rubber will be., Provides better grip in the second half of service life. The innovative low energy loss tread compound offsets the heat generated by the load on the steering position. Many steer tires also feature an optimized sidewall compound that reduces sidewall bending and deformation off the freeway, further contributing to reduced emissions and fuel efficiency.

In addition to the innovative tread compound used in drive axles, drive tires benefit from a dedicated hardening process to further optimize rolling resistance. The directional tread design includes numerous deep sipes, deep central grooves, and more biting edges to improve traction and drain water more effectively.

Combining new and existing technologies, the entire range of FUELMAX ENDURANCE offers high fuel efficiency (B label) for enhanced robustness, longevity grip and traction. Both steer tires and drive tires are 3PM SF certified and are equipped with RFID, allowing for connected tire management.

Improve sustainability by extending service life with Goodyear retreads and intelligent solutions

Emphasizing Goodyear’s commitment to the circular economy, the new FUEL MAXENDURANCE is fully compatible with Goodyear’s retread program. Drive tires are now available as premium TreadMax molded cure treads, offering the same features and benefits as the new innovative treads, adding mileage while reducing tire costs by up to 30%...

Combined with Goodyear’s smart tire monitoring solutions such as Goodyear TPMS, Drive Overleader and recently launched DrivePoint, it can significantly improve service life and fuel efficiency, helping transportation companies move towards a more sustainable future. Further support for moving forward.

FUELMAX ENDURANCE-Goodyear’s new fuel efficiency and versatile tires FUELMAX ENDURANCE-Goodyear’s new fuel efficiency and versatile tires

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