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Prix ​​Car is primarily known for transporting passenger and commercial vehicles.

It operates in 25 depots in strategic locations across the country and is currently considered the dominant player in the field. It may have been allowed due to the assumption that the end of the local car manufacturing industry could have had a significant impact on businesses like Prix Car.

Still, as the entire team adopts a flexible mindset, the opposite is true, despite the significant turmoil that follows the transformation of Ford, Toyota and Holden from Australian manufacturers to importers. The Prix Car was certainly able to thrive.

In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, vehicle transport conditions have changed significantly in just a few years. Previously, many car carriers were as easy as receiving Toyota Camrys from a factory in Melbourne, delivering them to Adelaide, and bringing back a large number of Commodores from the Holden factory in Adelaide.

The reality of total imports today means that new passenger cars will be collected from ports such as Port Kembla and distributed nationwide. This creates logistical pressure, given that the number of vehicles in the storage yard has dropped significantly from previous scenarios. “We had to adapt to these new challenges by finding ways to innovate our supply chain,” said Goran Kovilloski, PrixCar Fleet Manager, who joined PrixCar about six years ago.

“But innovation must be delivered with a commitment to quality service and safety standards.” Born in Germany with Macedonian parents, Golan came to Australia to “look around” 25 years ago. I did. Like many other young Europeans visiting here, he never returned.

Although he was trained as a diesel mechanic in Germany, Golan began working as a driver at Patrick Autocare, where he held managerial positions at the company for the next 19 years before moving to Prix Car. The Prix Car fleet currently includes 265 prime movers and about 200 subcontractors, which are an integral part of the overall operation and follow company trends in vehicle selection and specifications. Is encouraged.

Kenworth T410SAR carry carrier.

Most of the combinations are single semi-trailers, as the trailing equipment includes several road trains and a few B-doubles, which are suitable for entering and exiting car dealerships in metropolitan settings.

Vehicle dealers offer most of PrixCar’s client base. Over the past few years, more than $ 52 million has been invested in new equipment, including 215 new trailers, many of which were designed by Melbourne’s NCC Maintenance and Trailers to meet Prix Car requirements and manufactured in China. ..

The current average age of trucks and trailers spanning more than 500 devices is impressive 2.9 years. “I’ve worked with most car trailer manufacturers, but about five years ago I decided to go a little different and contacted a local NCC engineer, saying,” This is the trailer you want. ” Told. To construct”. We have ordered 155 units over the last three years, “says Goran.

Internal to design safety is the so-called ground loading, which uses a winch device to move the vehicle from the trailer to the frame on the cab. Goran has purchased 30 new trucks so far this year, including 14 Kenworth T410SAR prime movers.

The Prix Car operates a wide variety of prime movers, but the mainstream model is the Kenworth T410SAR, which meets the criteria for short bonnets, low roofs and short wheelbase prime movers as vehicle transport fluctuates.

A typical combination allows a car to be carried in a high-mounted cab frame, followed by a 48-foot (14.6 m) dual-deck trailer, which can carry up to eight cars at a time. .. “I’ve been surrounded by Kenworth since I started working in the car transport industry in 1998,” says Golan.

“By using a locally manufactured prime mover like the T410, you can be assured that you will have the unique features you need to transport your vehicle in the new design, as well as both safety and load efficiency features. Built for the new trailers that offer, it makes the driver’s work much easier. Our drivers can specify them as if I were buying them myself and possible I appreciate going to “full throttle” with as many lights, super singles and bullbars as possible. “

The weight of the front axle is very important in transporting the vehicle, especially when mounting the vehicle on an overhead frame. The front position of the SAR front axle allows you to carry a reasonably sized vehicle in that position without exceeding the allowable axle weight. ..

Kenworth’s T410SAR’s unique driveline provides a highly homogeneous track where the PACCAR 460hp 13-liter MX engine matches well with the 12-speed PACCAR automatic manual transmission.

“We were certainly looking forward to PACCAR manufacturing its own engines and transmissions,” says Goran.

“Recently, I took a rig loaded along the ring road through some backstreets, and I say I’m very happy with the interior with trucks, especially integrated sleepers. Must. The interior of the truck is very quiet, the driver’s view is amazing, and the smooth gear changes made me feel like I was driving a private car. “Golan said. His driver reports that in addition to the traditional Kenworth SAR and 2.1 meter wide T410 cab and its integrated sleeper combination, a suite with abundant safety features makes driving and operation fun. ..

“We believe the T410 will help us here,” he says.

As a national organization, PrixCar appreciates the support and services of PACCAR’s own national dealer network.

“The dealer network is very important. We believe that our relationship with PACCAR is a strong partnership. As a customer, you can rest assured that you are not only covered by warranty, but also respected. I took care of the whole country. “

In return, Golan respects PACCAR’s management and explains that he is a key leader in the industry.

“They are people without a BS approach. I have never had a problem with any of them. They are trying to get the product you want, and they are very much what is happening all the time. I’m positive about it, “says Golan.

“We needed a truck that fits our job. Because of the SAR I give PACCAR a lot of credit. Also struts on the sides so that the cab frame can be mounted on top. Is installed. Many manufacturers do not. ”Customer-manufacturer relationships are an example of mutual respect and admiration. “PACCAR has a long history of supplying products to the automotive industry and is well aware of the ever-changing landscape facing the industry,” said Brad May, director of sales and marketing at PACCAR Australia.

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Australian engineering team to provide the industry with innovative solutions. Not only did we meet the operational requirements of the industry, but also vehicle productivity, driver’s Improves comfort and safety. We are very proud of what the team has created with the T410SAR and look forward to supporting the Prix Car team over the years to come. “

The challenge for the automotive industry is that while heavy vehicles are becoming more popular, the dimensions of the trucks that carry them tend to remain the same.

Large American-style pickups such as RAM and Chevrolet Silverado occupy a lot of space, reducing the load capacity of a typical eight car to six or five, which obviously affects logistics efficiency.

Due to inflexible command length regulations, it is not possible to install bullbars on many trucks. This can be seen as a safety issue related to the damage that can be caused by an animal attack.

Despite these challenges, PrixCar’s culture promotes strong engagement at all levels and has a strong “realizing” ethic, from leadership to the manufacturing floor. “No doubt it’s a difficult industry and we all have our moments, but the team is always together. I sincerely believe that our people make all the difference,” Golan said. Says.

“As with any transportation operation, challenges arise on a daily basis. These include the seasonality of vehicle sales, which produces a large amount of peaks and valleys, the basic nature of line-hole transportation, and, as always, It involves finding drivers to meet volume demand as market share grows, but given the best-in-class talent, processes, and equipment at PrixCar, we always address these challenges positively. Ready to do. “

Prix ​​Car Fleet Manager, Goran Koviloski

Full Throttle-Prime Mover Magazine Full Throttle-Prime Mover Magazine

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