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Rockstar’s Elusive Midnight Club Los Angeles: The Complete Edition is back on the Xbox Marketplace.

EagleEye’s Reset Era users have discovered that the Xbox 360 version of Rockstar San Diego’s popular driving game is now available for purchase again for £ 11.99 today.

This is surprising as Rockstar has not announced a re-release of the game.

I was able to buy the game this afternoon.

But the news arrives just days after the Midnight Club 2 was delisted on Steam after the rock star accidentally made it available for purchase for the first time in three years, so something is definitely going on inside the rock star. ..

I can’t see the Midnight Club games currently available on the PlayStation Store or Steam.

The last Midnight Club match was the 2008 Midnight Club: Los Angeles. This full version was first released in 2009. Is the reproduction wrong? The issue of licensing the music in the series was thought to mean the need to pull Midnight Club games out of the digital shop. Has Rockstar returned to the back catalog to arrange a new deal?

Either way, if you want to buy the Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition, now’s your chance! (The list works-I bought the game successfully this afternoon.) And don’t forget that it works on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S via backward compatibility.


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