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Fundamental Traders, Help, Manuals-Trading Systems-October 18, 2021

What is a Fundamental Trader? How to use it?

Ziwox Terminal is an intelligent trading assistant that helps financial market traders make wise decisions based on the latest market trends, sentiment, economic news, and forecasts.

The Ziwox terminal acts as a terminal made up of various synergistic components. Each component acts individually as a trading aid indicator or descriptive market report to help inform decision making.

Each component provides a perspective, but the synergies of all components create an integrated decision support system output that allows traders to improve the quality of their final buy, sell, or wait decisions. You can improve the transaction results.

Financial institutions, hedge funds and banks have a large amount of market liquidity and can move the market to establish trends. They are the most common holders of market liquidity and know the retailer’s position and liquidity map. They can retroactively market with major modifications so that most retailers stop hits. If retailers take a stand against the main trend, market price adjustments can result in a fake trend reversal. Staying in the direction of the trend is the key to success, and the Ziwox terminal will be the best support for trading according to the direction of the market.

The results of all the components of the Ziwox terminal are the ultimate outlook for the market and are perfect for traders to win more than ever.

Traders can find opportunities in the form of trend directions, forecasts, COT reports, market sentiment, technical outlook, and basic outlook through out-of-the-box analysis of each device component.

The final components are the CFTC COT report, which includes technical indicators, fundamental indicators, economic calendars, retailer sentiment, and non-profit (big speculator) vendor behavior.

Proper use of the Ziwox terminal will improve the accuracy of market entry and exit, leading to a profitable investment.

Introduction Ziwox Terminal Components

Ziwox Terminal Panel Component

    1. Opening and closing global government bond yield panel. Helps detect short-term basic currency strength (Read more about it).
    2. Simple Symbol / Timeframe Changer Panel Opens / Closes
    3. Minimize / hide main panel
    4. Change panel mode between full data panel And trade panel
    5. Close EA from chart
    6. EA component *
    7. Market session + average volatility of all forex session times over the last 14 days.
    8. Economic calendar / news panel
    9. Account balance, daily, weekly, monthly profit and income profit + current drawdown calculation
    10. News list update


    • Symbol: Current chart symbol
    • Bias: To you Basic bias Of chart symbols.Basic Bias as a Basic Bias Indicator: (Bullish, Bearish, Biased Neutral Strength, strength or weakness).
    • Prediction: This component indicates an expert or institution Market movement weather
    • Emotion: Real time Retailer position Pairs selected as market sentiment (read more).
    • Risk: It is market risk off / risk on sentiment or market Fear-an indicator of greed.. (((read more).
    • Net Position: Details of COT Report (Trader Commitment Report) Hedge fund/Large speculator Position and change. (((read more).
    • Trend: To you Pair primary trend
    • Event: Alert box (calendar news) displaying upcoming events

Introduction Trade Panel

Ziwox Basic Trade Panel

Fundamental Traders, Help, Manuals-Trading Systems-October 18, 2021 Fundamental Traders, Help, Manuals-Trading Systems-October 18, 2021

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