Funimation’s Sonny Boy English dubbed cast announced

Funimation Presentation on Tuesday Sonny Boy The English dubbing will officially head to the platform later this week, along with details of the dubbing cast.

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The English dubbing will arrive at Funimation on September 16, 2021, so fans don’t have to wait too long to experience the latest productions of the anime. Sonny Boy Originally from director Shingo Natsume, a cast studded with stars will appear.

  • Derrick Snow as Nagara
  • Tear Ballad as Mizuho
  • Daman Mills as Asakaze
  • Lucy Christian as Nozomi
  • Ry McKeand as a star
  • Siddhartha Minhas as Rajdhani
  • Patrick Says as a cap
  • David Matranga as Hayato
  • Lauren Landa as a gusset


Sonny Boy Derived from the original story of Natsume and his team, 36 students tell the story of finding themselves and their school suddenly drifting in another empty dimension.

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“When the supernatural forces awaken in some of them, the sense of separation begins to divide the group. They oppose their strict controls, even though the student organization is trying to force order. I will collide with students who have special abilities, “reads the synopsis of the series. “By this conflict, they discover that the world has its own set of rules, and obeying them is necessary to survive.”

Funimation’s Sonny Boy English dubbed cast announced

https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1194295-sonny-boy-english-dub-cast-announced Funimation’s Sonny Boy English dubbed cast announced

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