Funko messed up Assassin’s Creed Pop twice

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image: Funko / Ubisoft / Kotaku

Today, Funko unveiled two figures of Eivor, the main character from. Assassin’s Creed Valhara.. Expect, both numbers are male and it’s not even canonical.

That’s true, but you can choose male or female Eivors Valhalla You can switch freely at any time. Ubisoft has standard options. Female Eivor is a regular version of the character. This can be confusing given that Ubisoft essentially hid the female Eivor. Keep her away from most marketing materials Like trailers and screenshots. However, In comics and books starring Eivor, Ubisoft is using the female version of the Vikings.

There are several narrative reasons why Eivors has two reasons and why it gives players the option to automatically switch between male and female depending on where they are in the story. The purpose of this blog is to immerse yourself in Funko Pop, so I don’t want to spoil it here. However, if you let the game choose when you are male and when you are female, you will play most of the game as female. Only different special specific sections play as men.The short version was by Eivor, a viking who lived in the late 800s. Was a woman..

But if Funko wants to create an Eivor male figure, that’s fine. Some people may choose him as the protagonist and want to own a few plastics that are similar to him. It’s completely understandable.But why create two Are both numbers based on the non-canon male version of the character? Seems ridiculous. It’s almost as ridiculous as creating two nearly identical shapes and giving one of them two axes to make them more special. (The 2-axis diagram is for Gamestop only, so if you can’t find your PS5 console, you can at least get this Funko Pop.)

My guess: Funko is not a real fan Assassin’s Creed.. I can prove it too. See how they spelled Eivor’s name in that tweet. I rest my case.

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