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In contrast to the previous event, only one match of the second pre-recorded part One ChampionshipThe “Fists of Fury” series was handed over to the judges.

Main event
One: Fist of Anger 2
saw Jiwonkan
(5-0) Undertake a decorated Iranian wrestler Amir Aliakbari (10-2) With a heavyweight slope. The two beasts took a few seconds to study each other early in the battle. Aliakbari maintained the center of the cage while Kang reached out with a few kicks. After chasing a Korean fighter for a while, Aliakbari finally reached the “Mighty Warrior” with his right hand, followed by another heavy retreat. Kang’s face soon showed damage from an Iranian fighter strike as Kang’s left eye began to swell and bleeding began to lose blood from his swollen left eye.

Kang bit the bullet and formed himself when Aliakbari rushed to end the contest. After a failed body kick, Iranian fighters tried to force the finish with a big shot. Avoiding a wide range of combinations, the Mighty Warrior landed a short hook on his chin and instantly turned off the Aliakbari lights. The 25-year-old South Korean sensation celebrated his fifth first-round victory when the referee stopped the contest at the 1:54 mark, ruining Aliakbari’s promotional debut.

Heavyweight at the joint main event Anatoly Marikin (8-0) Walkthrough Alexandre Machad (9-4) His successful organizational debut. Marikin easily moved the actions on the canvas early on and got full control when he got to the mat. The undefeated fighter comfortably took side control while punishing his opponent with a few punches before securing the position of the cross. After teasing a failed keylock attempt, Marikin returned to punching.

Machad did his best to escape the troublesome situation, but his efforts did not help. Marikin had full control and bombarded his opponent with a powerful ground and pound, remaining heavy, until his Brazilian opponent tapped out to stop the damage. The official suspension took place at 3:28 in the opening stanza.

Tankai (11-2) scored seven consecutive victories after smashing in one featherweight battle. Ryogo Takahashi (14-4) In the first round. Kai took less than two minutes to get in and out, and dropped Takahashi early with a combination of two punches. Takahashi tried to recover, but he ate a lot of punches and the referee had to cancel the match at 1:59 in the first round.

Elsewhere unorthodox Yoshiki Nakahara (14-5) Place the right hook with good timing for handing over
Ruslan Emilbek Uulu (12-1) The first loss of his career. Emilbeck sought a quick win for his promotional debut, but his aggression proved to be his redo, and he was severely hurt by being caught in a counter punch in the middle of the opening frame. Nakahara got a stop from several follow-up punches on the canvas, with one featherweight winning at 1:30.

Early on the card, Han Ji Hao overcame Adam Noi with a surprising unanimous decision at the end of the Muay Thai battle in Wang’s bantamweight division. Distance was the only match of pre-recorded cards.

Opening the event was a bantamweight clash. Mark Abelardo (20-8) Destroyed and snapped two skids Emilio Ultia (11-8) With highlight reel elbow. “Tyson” destroyed his opponent with a beautiful step-in elbow that cools Ultia. The finish time was officially Round 2 at 3:20.

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Fury 2 headliner fist Fury 2 headliner fist

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