FUSER Review-Not all rhythms, plastic instruments (PS4)

Harmonix is ​​best known as the pioneer of the plastic instrument revolution in rhythm games. Playing a plastic guitar to a popular song makes the player feel like an absolute rock star. From guitar to full band to DJ, they continued to repeat and refine, exploring a wide range of what rhythm games are.Their latest is Fusor, And it throws away the plastic instrument to control the music almost completely through the controller.

For clarity, Fusor Is a PS4 game without a native PS5 version, but I played it on PS5 via backward compatibility. Due to the blurring of this console generation line Fusor It is highly recommended that you get the next generation system to be an effective next generation launch title and when you get it this week.

Fusor About freedom. Freedom from the note paths and rigorous structure of past rhythm games. You’re free from individual songs, genres, styles, and even how you play. Regardless of your talent, you can take advantage of Harmonix’s great features to make you feel like a real creator and at the same time create music in your own way. Sure, there are skill gaps in gameplay, but Harmonix, as always, makes onboarding so friendly and enjoyable that even if the mix hits a sour sound, it’s fascinating to the music. I have no choice but to do it.

Imagine you are on the stage of a huge music festival. You are a DJ and have a responsibility to keep the crowd entertained. You dig into the box of records, mix and modify music, control ascending and descending, and guide rhythms and mixes. Controls the key and tempo. You can also play your own electronic instrument to add custom flares. Rage Against the Machine’s drums fill the backbeat, and a dancy bassline adds groove to the mix. Suddenly hit Brad Paisley’s vocals on it and take advantage of the opportunity to queue a completely different set of tracks before setting up a stable riser and changing the whole thing to another faster one, but with a minor key May shift to.

FUSER Review-What it means to be a DJ

What’s so special Fusor Despite all this freedom, it can still quantify some “skill”. This campaign aims to teach you the techniques to use, that is, to slowly introduce new features that can be incorporated into freeplay and multiplayer modes. It’s easy to get started by simply mixing the tracks and learning how to get everything to the beat. Generally, each track is divided into four instruments (usually drums, bass, lead / rhythm, vocals), but each song can be different. as its name suggests, Fusor The idea is to combine these elements into something completely new. One thing that never sounds good to me is making sudden key or tempo changes, even right after the beat. They just tend not to flow well. Gradual shifts or shifts made through risers sound great throughout and bring a big shift to the dynamic mix.

Fuser Review 4

At the campaign level after disguising a series of music festival stages guided by a well-known fiction in-game DJ, the complexity increases, but it’s so overwhelming despite the many freedoms and features to adjust the mix. It never happened. Campaign tasks increase or decrease between actually using these new techniques and being able to do what you do. It works like a suggestion while creating a groovable mix, rather than the rigorous series of lessons required for Ace. In most cases, it adds a dynamic element that actually stimulates creativity. And the more I participated in the campaign, the more lessons and techniques I learned, and I was amazed at how Harmonix gamified and automated many of these elements.

The work Harmonix has done to make sure everything works together is amazing. I mixed tracks that I thought would sound terrible, but instead encountered an amazing duet of two completely different genres of harmony, backed by yet another drum thunder. We ran a dancy dark sound version of Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, backed by the fast rhythms of country guitar. Slowed down some fast jams to give a trance-like groove and feel. Some of the best mixes I’ve made are the ones I didn’t really plan for at all.

Fuser Review 4

And Fusor You can easily save these mixes as well. Tap the cross key to take a snapshot of the current mix for listening back or inserting into a future mix. In fact, mixing four decks, queuing tracks, changing keys and tempos, playing virtual instruments may seem difficult with a controller, but Harmonix is ​​intuitive. I made it easy to execute. Again, the slow ramp of the campaign will greatly help in this learning process. I’ve always been impressed with how natural it is to play with a controller. Fusor felt. I wish I had the option to put a little vibration in the beat controller to help with the time drop, but otherwise it’s amazing how much a music superstar felt with the controller in hand. is.

FUSER Review-Like a Star

That’s really the heart of what Fusor Come back: Make you feel like a star. And it doesn’t just improve the technical performance of Notepass. rock band, Fusor There are virtually no limits to what you can do, so you can feel like you’ve created something unique and genuine. Want to drop 4 separate vocal tracks at once? Try it. why not? And just how constantly the mix is ​​changing and evolving, the bad mix never exists too long before it moves to something else.

Skills play a role in keeping mix changes in time with the beat, but they are not exactly determined by what they bring to the mix, except for specific campaign tasks and crowd demands. Mixing is easy. It’s a little harder to make the mix interesting. And to land those coveted five-star prizes, you need a master to keep the mix diverse, meet the demands of the crowd, and land the perfect timing for everything you do.

Progression is balanced so that unlocking occurs over time, and you don’t have to pass it all at once or get stingy on unlocking. You won’t be able to access the entire track list from the beginning. This gives you even more reasons to play that one coveted song to add to the crate. Customizations also apply to the entire avatar and stage setup, creating the feeling that this is all the show. And the variety of songs is enormous. You won’t be overloaded with one type of genre, but instead it will feel rounded like any other great Harmonix game. It goes without saying that a solid mix can even enjoy the genres you didn’t like (look at you, country).

Fuser Review 4

The online multiplayer and community aspects conclude everything, including uploading, sharing, and special mixed challenges where you can vote for exclusive cosmetic rewards. When you try to create a mix under certain conditions, you can stretch your creative muscles and try out songs, effects, instruments, and transitions that are often overlooked. Given how highly personalized every mix is ​​(after all, there are over 100 songs and the ways to connect them are almost endless), having a community around this aspect enhances the sense of making good sounds. It really helps.

Fusor Player creativity and freedom are everything. It focuses on how you can get yourself in the ditch, not the technical reading of accurate button presses. For decades, Harmonix has harnessed the power of music to give players a super-stardom feel. Fusor Put it directly into the player’s hands, more than any previous game. Even if you get a PS5 or a next-generation game, you can’t turn off the music. If you’re anxious for the days of the plastic instrument revolution, all that junk doesn’t take up space, Fusor Any music game will be as close to the stage as possible.

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9.0Gold tropy
  • A rhythm game centered on player creativity
  • Easy to learn, difficult to learn, but addictive no matter what
  • Harmonix accepts and harnesses the power of music again
  • That one fire mix you didn’t even intend to create
  • Sudden keys, tempos, major / minor transitions often sound bad, even when played on beats

FUSER Review – All the Rhythm, None of the Plastic Instruments (PS4)

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