Future 4X humanity reveals Americans as the first modern culture

To humanity, Amplitude’s next 4X game appears ready to undertake the sacred civilization franchise, but it doesn’t stick to playing a single culture throughout the game. Amplitude today reveals that one of your cultural choices in the modern era of games is American and has its own symbolic units and districts to consider when reaching that time frame. Did.

In modern times, Americans represent the idea of ​​”expansionists” in human culture. That led to considerable (sometimes heated) debate about human subreddit, and some fans said they expected the United States to be a merchant or militarist society rather than an expansionist society.

There is certainly controversy about the United States interrupting almost all of the cultural affinities that humanity has announced, but given the global dynamics of the Cold War, which represent much of the geopolitical history of the 20th century, “expansionism” “A person” is probably at least as correct as any other person of other possibilities. However, the iconic unit of Americans is the F-35 Lightning fighter, and the iconic district is the Defense Agency.

This is the announcement of the launch of Saturn V:

Having experienced the gameplay of Humankind last year, I’m pretty excited about the release date of Humankind at the end of this summer. It has an interesting approach to war that gives businesses the complexity lacking in civilization, and the openness of developers to remodeling is likely to lead a long and interesting life when humanity arrives. It means that.

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