G4 Thanksgiving Reunion Special Includes New Employees from WWE

The return-to-home television network G4 Media, which hosted the Attack of the Show and X-Play, has released a Thanksgiving reunion with the show’s original cast.About 1 hour special Revealed the latest on-air adoption of the network..

Known as Xavier Woods and half of New Day (now the WWE Low Tag Team Champion), WWE superstar Xavier Woods is G4’s “first official on-air talent.” [hire]This was after Watson had extensively marketed to the Twitter network through the # Creed4G4 campaign. This has been a multi-month effort and has generated millions of views online.

Original cast of Adam Sessler, Blair Harter, Kevin Pereira, Kirstin Adams, Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn’s Attack of the Show and X-Play, alongside the G4 Thanksgiving Reunion Special Watson There is. All of them remind us of different moments in the history of each show, including one in 2008 when Olivia Munn shaved Kevin Pereira’s face and head.

Check out the reunion specials hosted by comedian Ron Funches below. It will also air on Saturday, November 27th at midnight (ET and PT) on SyFy Network and Peacock.

The G4 also hosts a week-long Gravython charity drive. It features a variety of streamers and professional esports organizations. Dr. Lupo And Team liquid, Because they host live streams on their respective Twitch and YouTube game channels. Gravython Charity Drive supports nonprofits such as CodePath, Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, Boys & Girls Club of America, No Kid Hungry, National Fragile X Foundation and Connor’s Cure.

This is all in anticipation of the imminent return of the G4 scheduled for next year. The network hasn’t outlined its resurrection plan yet, but the G4 resurrection seems likely to be digitized this time.

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