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G7 leader image teaches about sustainable investment

One of the issues that caught our attention was about e-waste, where musicMagpie asked sculptor Joe Rush to make a statue of a G7 reader from old electronics. The United Nations estimates that it produces 53 million tonnes of e-waste each year, which is expected to double by 2050.

Old phones and laptops contain toxic substances such as lead and mercury, so throwing them away is a problem. They can leak into the soil and generate toxic gases over time, which can be dangerous to people and the planet. Recycling old electronics also has the benefit of reducing carbon emissions, as their manufacture and distribution often emit more carbon than for lifetime use.

Sustainable investment needs to grow beyond investor commitment

Can the Circular Economy Reach for Help?

The circular economy is clearly part of the e-waste solution, and innovative companies such as the Blancco Technology Group and Bytes Software Services at the AXA Framlington UK Growth Fund are at the forefront of this change.

Blancco is interested in data management and how to erase data from your device when upgrading. Proper data erasure means that you can recycle your device knowing that your data will not be stolen or used. This is especially important for companies that must comply with strict regulations on how to protect customer data. Therefore, it is common to crush the device to make sure it is inoperable before disposing of it in a landfill.

Blancco claims that “other data erasure software cannot boast this level of compliance with the stringent requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities, and independent laboratories.” The combination of its intellectual property and strict regulations on the use and disposal of data gives the company a strong competitive edge, which new entrants will find difficult to overcome. This makes it attractive to investors, especially those who want to invest money to work with companies that have a positive environmental benefit.

Bytes is a leading provider of world-class IT solutions that help companies transform, grow and adapt to their changing technology environment. They use Blancco’s technology indirectly to safely recycle old IT equipment on behalf of their customers as part of their digital transformation.

They also created a “green team”, an initiative of internal staff to find sustainable solutions to their problems. One of many examples of their outstanding achievements is a collection of old appliances that are no longer needed, such as laptops, cables and cell phones, and are sold with the profits donated to the NHS Together Charity. If your laptop is considered over-requirement, but still has a useful life of several years, the “green team” can safely wipe it off and donate to a local school to help you study at home. .. 60 laptops were also sent to schools in Uganda and Zambia.

Sustainable Festival: Addressing Sustainability Skill Challenges

Gain momentum

In addition to emphasizing key issues, e-waste statues show growing interest in companies needing to focus on their environmental impact and the challenges of broader responsible investment. Consumers can also play their part. In particular, demand is expected for 5G-enabled mobile phones, where current phones are likely to exceed requirements and become surplus.

If you’re cynical about responsible investment, it’s easy to suggest that current investor interest in the environment is a fad. We hope that the long-term growth of companies such as Blancco and Bytes and their enterprising employees will prove the critics’ mistakes.

Nigel Yates is AXAIM’s portfolio manager in Equites, UK.

G7 leader image teaches about sustainable investment G7 leader image teaches about sustainable investment

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