Gabe Newell is sending a garden gnome into outer space

Arguably the most entertaining and bizarre press release we received this year, Valve founder Gabe Newell announced plans to launch a real garden gnome into space. Newell will work with Rocket Lab to donate $ 1 to all viewers participating in the launch to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Starship Children’s Hospital in New Zealand.

According to a press release, Newell spent most of the year in Auckland, New Zealand. This charity event is part of his ongoing commitment to “supporting the economy and community that protected him.” “New Zealand wants the good people of New Zealand, the world leader in New Zealand, to know that his eccentric philanthropy is almost harmless and poses no imminent threat to their lifestyle. I think. “

Rocket Lab uses Electron’s Kick Stage to bring a 150mm titanium garden gnome into orbit. The gnome itself is manufactured by Weta Workshop in Wellington, the studio behind many of the make-up effects, weapons, and creatures that appear in the Lord of the Rings movie. The rocket has the ability to turn and leave orbit and burn out in the Earth’s atmosphere, allowing Half-Life 2’s Gnome Chompski to navigate space on its own.

After all, this is a joke. To win the achievement “Little Rocket Man” in Half-Life 2, players place a Garden Gnome object, known in the community as Gnome Chompski, from the communications building into a rocket capsule at the end of the game. Newell clearly plans to do this exactly.

Newell counts all viewers who participate in Rocket Lab’s live stream or watch within 24 hours of the calculated total donations to Starship Children’s Hospital. The rocket will take off from Launch Complex 1 in Mahia, New Zealand, at some point in the two-week launch window on November 15. You can check the timing of the mission on the official Rocket Lab website.

While you’re waiting, visit David Bowie to try out your favorite space game. Godspeed, Gnome Chompski Find a better world. You were too good for this.

Top image via Reddit

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