Gabon’s coach-Aubameyan had no heart problems like missing an AFCON match and a Ghana match. – Soccer Sports

Pierre Emery Unai Emery Was prevented from playing for Gabon At their Africa Cup of Nations Ghana According to head coach Patrice Neveu, who refuted previous reports from his own federation on Friday after traces of the coronavirus were found on his system. That the striker was suffering from heart problems..

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After arriving in Yaoundé on January 6th, Aubameyan tested positive for the coronavirus and was forced to refrain from winning the opening round against Comoros in Gabon. But was prepared to make his comeback He played against Ghana after returning a negative test at a Group C meeting in Stud Ahmadua Hijo on Friday.

However Arsenal The striker was excluded from Gabon’s starting lineup that day, and the Gabon Football Association reported on Twitter that the Confederation of African Football had blocked him and his teammates hours before the match. Accelerator May And midfielder Mario Lemina From play after the “heart lesion” was revealed after the test.

Neveu tried to set a record shortly after the draw on Friday.

“Measurements clearly show that Aubameyan has no heart problems,” Nebeu told ESPN. “he [and Lemina] It passed the PCR test and was negative.

“Then they did a second heart test, which seemed to be a problem for them.

“The virus seems to remain and the illness may be affecting it. Two hours before the match, a team doctor and a CAF doctor called me and told me not to play. they.”

Neveu also admitted that he had two hearts about whether to follow medical advice, but Aubameyan himself initially refused to accept the medical professional’s assessment.

“To protect the player, I decided not to play the player,” Neveu continued. “It’s my responsibility, so we chose not to play them.

“I’ll see what happens now, and that was my responsibility,” he added. “When I received the news, Pierre Emmerich wanted to play. He left the room with his belongings, but the CAF doctor told me again, so his father had to intervene. rice field.

“I know it hurt him.”

Gabon, without Aubameyan, scored from Ghana during the test contest as Black Star blamed his rivals for lack of sportsmanship when the Panthers won a slow equalizer, even though his opponent injured the player. I was able to win.

The draw, coupled with Gabon’s 1-0 victory over Comoros in the opening round, takes the Central Africans to the brink of the knockout stage. I hope he can still play a role in the tournament.

“The illness may have left an effect, but we do an MRI to see what happens and do what we need to do,” he says.

“We do what we need and follow Procotol.” We have four days [until the match against Morocco], And we need them and want to get them back. “

Jim AlevinaGabon’s 88-minute equalizer has been cancelled Andre AyewGhana’s 18-minute opener leaves the latter who needs to beat Comoros in the final group game to continue hunting for knockouts.

Benjamin Tette At the end of the contest, I saw red for the Black Star after a full-time whistle to point a punch at Aaron Boupendza during a close quarters battle prompted by Gabon’s overflowing celebration.

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Gabon’s coach-Aubameyan had no heart problems like missing an AFCON match and a Ghana match. Gabon’s coach-Aubameyan had no heart problems like missing an AFCON match and a Ghana match.

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