Gal Gadot defends the decision to play Cleopatra despite whitewashed complaints

Earlier this year, filmmaker Patty Jenkins was announced to re-team with longtime collaborator Gal Gadot in a biographical drama centered around the life of Queen Cleopatra. Gadot, an Israeli by nature, Cleopatra Apart from Arab or African actresses who would be able to better portray a monarch who was believed to be of Middle Eastern descent. Speaking with the BBC Arabic, as reported by The Independent, Gadot defended her decision to essay on that role.

“First of all, if you want to be true to the facts, Cleopatra was a Macedonian. We were looking for a Macedonian actress to fit Cleopatra. She wasn’t there. I’m very passionate about Cleopatra. I have friends from all over the world. Of course, the earth is people, such as Macedonians, Christians, Catholics, atheists, Buddhists, and Jews. With me Celebrate Cleopatra’s legacy And praise this amazing historic icon that I admire very much. As you know, anyone can make this movie and anyone can go ahead and do it. I’m thinking of doing it myself. “

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The controversy over Hollywood’s color blindness appeal to Cleopatra is nothing new.Elizabeth Taylor starred as a historical figure in director Joseph L. Mankiewicz in 1963. Cleopatra, And movies have come to be considered non-racist.Recent projects based on the Egyptian monarch include Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga goes around that part, But those projects eventually failed.

Her defense of Gadot Casting as Cleopatra It is unlikely that you will get along with her critics. The actress seems to suggest that there are no available actresses belonging to Cleopatra’s ethnic lineage, which has taken on Gadot’s own role.This is the same excuse Hollywood gave in the past when casting Christian Bale as Moses in 2014. Exodus: God and King, Or Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi in the 2017s Ghost of the shell..

This is not the first time Gal Gadot I noticed that I was on the other side of the cultural conversation. Earlier this year, Gadot and her celebrity friend directed John Lennon’s song “Imagine” as a gesture in the midst of a global blockade in the midst of a global economic collapse and a threat of recession. Solidarity with people who are isolated and facing difficulties at home who have decided to cooperate.

Unfortunately, performance is considered deaf, and Gadot and her millionaire friends have to be exposed to the harsh realities faced by poverty-stricken people struggling to overcome the blockade. Was blamed. The actress acknowledged the backlash against her “Imagine” video, but reiterated that her intentions were pure.

“Sometimes you try to do good deeds, but that is not the right good deeds. I have only good intentions, it came from the best places, and I just wanted to send light and love to the world. “

It will be interesting to see if Gadot continues her decision to evaluate Cleopatra’s role, or if she stands aside and gives an actress with the right ethnic background a chance. Given Hollywood’s track record, don’t hold your breath on the latter.This news is Independence..

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Gal Gadot defends the decision to play Cleopatra despite whitewashed complaints

https://movieweb.com/cleopatra-gal-gadot-responds-whitewashing/ Gal Gadot defends the decision to play Cleopatra despite whitewashed complaints

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