Gal Gadot hints at new photos in Wonder Woman / Supergirl team-up

Gal Gadot A recent social media post may have hinted at a DCEU team-up between Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Girl of Steel is finally making its franchise debut. flash, Sasha Kaje plays a symbolic role in Superman’s Kryptonian cousin. Rumors continue That gadget may also appear as Diana Prince, and Justice League The star just inspired the story with the photos she shared on her Instagram story.

The photo doesn’t actually show Gadot, but instead it depicts a boyfriend posing with a Wonder Woman standing passenger. Both Calle and cutout are wearing something that looks similar flash Production crew hats, that can be said. In addition, the actress captioned the image as “Me and my superfriend.” Calle then shared the photo on his Instagram and added the following captions: Hello Gal x. See your own evidence below (via direct):

flash Roughly based Flash pointIn it-like a cartoon event-you’ll see Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen changing the timeline and going back in time to save her mother’s life, then destroying the Multiverse. Flash point We featured the cruel variant of Wandy who went to war with Atlantis. Fans are wondering if Gadot can play the evil Diana in the movie.It’s still a theory, but the star certainly hinted at the connection and friendliness of the cast and crew. flash In this social media post.

Alternatively, Wonder Woman / Supergirl team-ups can always occur elsewhere in the DCEU. This is undoubtedly Calle’s replay of her role in other projects after this. Recent reports Super Girl TV Series — Part 1 flash — Working on HBO Max.Maybe Gal Gadot Can I put a cameo in it instead?

flash We are planning to participate in the theater on November 4, 2022.

Gal Gadot hints at new photos in Wonder Woman / Supergirl team-up

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/gal-gadot-hints-at-wonder-woman-supergirl-team-up-with-new-photo/ Gal Gadot hints at new photos in Wonder Woman / Supergirl team-up

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