Gal Gadot, Troy Baker, Brie Larson and more have been announced as presenters at The Game Awards

Patrick Dane, Saturday, December 5, 2020 11:59 GMT

It’s changing to who the nerds are at the Game Awards.

The Game Awards will air on Thursday, but the structure is not yet clear. As the show bounces from place to place, the award has studios in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo.

As always, the ceremony seems to be trying to get some celebrity guests to add fame to the proceedings. Tom Holland has already announced that it will award the award, and many hope that this will lead to the first view of Uncharted movies. The Netherlands is adaptively set to play a younger version of Nathan Drake.

But now many new presenters have also been announced. Award host, Geoff Keighley Announced that it will be hosted by Gal Gadot, Brie Larson, Troy Baker and others.

Gadot will be promoting Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max later this month. Larson has spoken publicly about his love for video games in the past, so her addition makes sense. Troy Baker is recognized as one of the most prolific video game voice actors, if not one.

Elsewhere, it was announced that the highly memetic ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, and even The Muppets’ Swedish chef would give presentations.

There is a lot of speculation about the content of the show, but there is little concrete content. Expectations are high as it is becoming one of the big events for game announcements on the calendar. All we know is to get a new look for Dragon Age 4. Fans of the series have been patiently waiting for the news of the game, so expect a substantial display of it.

Game Awards 2020 will be held on Thursday, December 10th.

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Gal Gadot, Troy Baker, Brie Larson and more announced as presenters at The Game Awards

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