Galactus invading Fortnite Finale next week

What Doritos sees when reaching for a bag (Photo: Epic Games)

Epic Games has finally confirmed when Galactus will debut Fortnite, but what he actually does is still a mystery.

Fortnite players have always known that Marvel’s world greedy Galactus will one day be in the game. The problem was always when.

At last, Epic Games has confirmed that. In just one week, on December 1st, Galactus officially landed on Fortnite, called the one-off Nexus War Finale Event.

This also marks the end of Marvel-themed Season 4, but it’s still unclear what Galactus will do.

Does he consume the entire map? Are players expected to work together to fight him? Given that recent tweets are working together, it seems to be a kind of collaborative event. For the time being, Epic seems to want to keep the player in the dark until Galactus actually arrives.

Epic recommends that players download the latest updates and arrive at least one hour before the event begins (1 pm Pacific Standard Time / 4 pm Eastern Standard Time / 9 pm Greenwich Mean Time).

In the meantime, players who may have missed it can get Venom skins from the in-game store and play as one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous villains.

Oddly enough, Spider-Man himself is still absent from Fortnite and Marvel’s event is set to end soon, so fans may have to wait longer before he swings. ..

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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Galactus due to invade Fortnite finale next week

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