Gallery: Hand-painted horror game Mundaun gets lots of nice (but creepy) screenshots

Next year, we’ll be getting a new Switch horror game in the form of Mundaun, a hand-painted work by Swiss programmer and illustrator Michelle Ziegler.

When the announcement trailer gave us the first taste of what to expect from us, we first talked about the game, and with the following explanation:

The protagonist visits Mundown for the first time from an early age when he learns that his grandfather died in a fire. He will soon find that something old and demonic is bothering the rest of the population. The quest to find the meaning behind these sinister events takes players to the Odyssey on Mount Mundown, over steep meadows to stoney fields and snow-covered peaks.

But now we’ve been treated to a nice new batch of screenshots. They all show off the hand-penciled landscape of the game. The art style quickly gives off an eerie atmosphere, but something still makes you want to dive in and explore. Check these out:

Mundaun will be available on Switch in the first quarter of 2021. If you’re interested, take a look at Mundaun in the e-shop. It is said to be full of secrets to discover, hostile encounters, vehicles to drive, and handmade puzzles.

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