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Lando Norris And Daniel Ricciardo Got their first taste Mercedes Today’s power they participated in on the shooting day at Silverstone.

Only 12 hours after the 2021 candidates for Woking costumes were released to the world, Norris and Ricciardo were on track with sticky Silverstone as the team used the rules of the shooting date.

The team will be allowed to shoot for two days during the season and the mileage will be limited to just 100km. In addition, only promotional tires are allowed.

Norris first boarded a new car, which was taken over by teammate Ricardo in the afternoon.

“First of all, it’s good to go back to the race car,” Norris said. Sky sports.. “It’s nice to be sitting in a machine that everyone is building hard. Thank you to everyone on the team.

“I’m glad,” he added. “It’s a wet and difficult condition to get the first feeling, but it’s nice to go back to the race car and push to the limit.

“There’s a little oversteer and understeer, and that’s what I like.”

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Gallery: McLaren finishes shooting date Gallery: McLaren finishes shooting date

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