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This is the next part of the second part of the analysis, and the first part if you miss it.I very suggest To take Look at each part To better understand the progress of the game and its patterns.

Today we’ll look at gear, weapons, and vitality. Let’s get into business!

Figure 5

This graph may seem overwhelming at first, but it does provide useful information.

First area (To Monument Island Tower) Introduce Include player When two vitality (((Therefore, Include Mechanics of Use them in combo), Two weapons (Mechanic who exchanges weapons, picks up one, and limits it to two at a time) And two gears (Explains how gears work and how they can be combined for different strategies): This is Masked tutorial..

What happens then?

continue, spike Include gear (Allows to equip a full set, and Let the player choose Between different things) New weapon For the player Try and choose From.

Player goes further In the game His choices are wide In gear Will be; This will Establishment of My tactics, Make the adjustment room smaller according to the situation, (selfExpression by Play style),and, There are 4 slots For gear, this cut back Possibility of Paradox of choice..

How about a gun?

for Include weapons, From the middle of Most games Of them Presented To the player And at this point He most likely Selected tHe suits him Therefore, in most cases, some new ones have been introduced as minor variations of the other weapons already presented. Less than Include Discovery of weapons there Normal It’s a battle To give permission Include player To test Include New arrival found weapon..

Last but not least, vitality:

The· Vitality curveHowever, Stable trend: 1 New vitality Introduced every 2 to 3 places Continue, and Then next 2 to 3 place Include Players can test, to understand And master Include New arrival vitality He is comfortable and the circle repeats.The· Why not provide all the vitality togetherOther than ruining their search and discovery Is not to overwhelm the player, There is a risk of sticking to the first two he understands.

7th place in conclusion: To avoid being overwhelmed, we provide new features (vitality) with patterns to discover something new and time / space to test / understand it.

Figure 6

For the first half of the place Vigors upgrade Include Discovery of vitalityBecause I have Some options And money Bring Include Players to choose carefullyEvaluate the potential of each vitality and the impact of the upgrade.

This also allows players to upgrade only Vigors for which upgrades are available. Probably what the developers found most useful or effective in these parts of the game.

But then something changes.

After the first half, However, Upgrades are available in large numbers, For various reasons:

  • To Fulfill A Of the player (People who used Vigor without the available upgrades) I want to buy It
  • To Give the player a choice And the possibility of maximizing their vitality ( Expectations for bigger challenges Destination)

  • To create Include Players choose wisely Which vitality to upgrade (hence he uses it as much as possible)

What’s happening in the last area?

The· There are no new upgrades in the last place, Because they are at the end of the game, and Offer new options To the player at that moment Will pull apart tHe focuses from Main part: Game finale..

Conclusion Number 8: Players are offered what they want to bring the ideal experience by emphasizing the importance of certain factors (vitality / upgrade) and giving them a wider choice later in the game. I will.Reduce the risk of “overwhelming” of those factors, and in doing so

Conclusion Number Nine: The money provided to the player is not enough to buy all the upgrades, carefully choose what to stick to, generate higher awareness and thought, and increase the immersive feeling in the game.

Figure 7

Unlike Vigors and its upgrades, weapons are handled differently.

The· First upgrade Is made You can select the weapon that the player is usingBecause of this, there are relatively few upgrades in the first half.

From the other half, However, upgrade is Available with higher spikes, As Players may need to adjust His loadout Depending on Include Enemy and situation He encounters.

Let’s break this down:

in this case, Paradox of choice Be avoided Automatically Depends on the playerBecause there is Weapons that he feels fit his playing style And the situation, and Other It He most likely ignore, And its upgrade.

in addition, Weapons introduced in Include The second half is a small variant Others already presented player, He There is none Things necessary Understand the new gun‘Function, will it can match the focal point Include Gameplay: If the gun variation suits his playstyle, he picks it up. If not, he ignores it.

this is, The most important conclusion of this analysis:

Conclusion Number Ten: Variations on what already exists aren’t new, so they don’t draw the player’s attention and energy as much as when they first encountered the original element.

When it comes to vitality, it ’s It is important to compare the last graph with the Silver Eagle graph (Fig. 4, last publication).

in this case, Main differences: While one of the weapon pike is on LinkedIn Dock Money curves don’t follow that trend.. Similar behavior exists in the factory area.

this Information, again Shows higher sustain given to vitality rather than weapons, To avoid “shooter only” behavior by the player (as mentioned above).

That’s it for today! This was interesting.

TL; DR: To avoid “”Overwhelming” you have to Providing new ones To the player When A Pattern “”Something new, space/time of to understand/try And master it, something If I do not New arrival“;Also, Provide what you want Include player To Focus on the can Really Street address Include Experience the way you designed it.. have A Limited resources increase its value And Lead To the player More thoughtful choice.. Last but not least Something small change is not new..

The· The process of providing something To the player Make him understand it And master it Is essential to AN A fascinating experience.. I’ve seen some ways Bioshock Infinite does that, Is there any other way How to do it?Do you think It could have been better?? As always, I want to hear your thoughts!

let’s meet 3 weeks With Next topic: Enemy and difficulty.. Spoilers: That’s my favorite.


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