Gamasutra’s Best of 2020: Alissa McAloon’s Top 6 (ish) Games

I tried to write this list every other paragraph without using “comfort games”, but this year there are many and repetitive words are not much of my concern. It was a stressful year, but I am grateful that I was able to step into both the familiar and new worlds, find comfort and stop the burnout.

Many of those comfort games have always been my favorites. Sims It’s an eternal presence in my life (and this year’s Snowy Escape expansion has helped me a lot to explore), Rimworld I’ve spent a few months in my life early in the pandemic, and I’m still trying to figure out the chaos of comfort and the familiar hall HitmanThe huge sandbox is always a welcome retreat.

It turns out that some of those games were also released in 2020, even though I felt like I had been playing for years. It’s hard to understand which game came out when the pandemic distorted your perception of time and it turned out that a month passed in what you swear was only a few weeks away. !! Here’s a collection of some of my favorites this year in alphabetical order, and a small list of games that I plan to spend more time at some point in the future.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons For many of us, after a long time, it was exactly what we needed to survive the early days of a pandemic in the United States. The latest work in the series nearly 20 years ago, Animal Crossing: New Horizons The first main line Animal Forest Series game fans have been watching since 2012 New leaves And it wouldn’t have been able to arrive at a better time.

New horizon It’s great in itself, but the coincidental timing of its launch has made the game a cultural phenomenon. This was the first comfort game that many of us stuck to surviving the first few weeks of the blockade.I rarely turned on the switch and didn’t see the entire friends list Animal Crossing: New Horizons How to do it! Group chats were lit up when friends gathered to enjoy the meteor shower together, and when the fantastic travel shopkeeper Red adorned the islanders’ beaches. Animal Forest In itself, it became the background for social chat, general Shenanigan, and birthday celebrations.

The turmoil subsided, giving way to relaxed, fragmented gameplay. Animal Forest The series is known for allowing its boring, but somehow still super-attractive mechanics to really shine.Little is happening in New horizon More, for example New leaves But overall, it’s still an incredible game that remains a cozy escape from everything this year had to offer.

Baldur’s Gate 3 It was a game specially made for me. Thank you very much, Larian Studios.

BioWare Decades Follow-up-Pause Baldur’s Gate series, Baldur’s Gate 3 Similarly, it brings folklore, location, magic, and mechanics from the vast world of Dungeons & Dragons to the realm of video games. Early Access is a game that captures much of the magic of a real D & D session, with just the first arcout, without flipping through rulebook themes or scheduling a four-hour time frame each week. 5 friends.

Skill checks and attacks utilize digital dice rolls, which causes a lot of dice misfortune in gameplay. The decisions and conversations found throughout the game provide many opportunities to interact to shape the world according to the character’s whims and personality, and approach the situation based on the skills and knowledge that the character or party has at their disposal. There are various methods.

The way Larian did all this may sometimes be rough (early access!), But it’s still built on a tabletop game mechanics that can appeal to both experienced players and beginners. Present the game. D & D experience. (I was fortunate enough to chat with one of the game developers about the process earlier this year!)

And I haven’t even mentioned multiplayer. It doesn’t even mention how great it is to create a character with a few friends and try to meander the game as a chaotic dumb tyf ring, halfling, or elf at our own party. This is a great game and I’m looking forward to where the rest of Early Access will lead.

I barely scratched the surface of dream.. Media Molecule’s long-awaited creative engine was technically launched this year (despite the launch of a sort of early access in 2019) and, impressively, released a PSVR-compatible update a few months ago. Did. dream It exists in user-created content.Players can walk from dream to dream and try out the different games created within it. dream Other players create their own assets for use by other players, or create their own playable pieces.

I can’t talk about creation tools because I haven’t delved too deeply. dreamHowever, it is impressive to judge only by the players who have managed to make it so far!I did a remake Beat saver And Guitar hero within dream (I’m almost unsuccessful because I’m trashing in a rhythm game), completely obsessed with a seemingly complex puzzle game starring a friend of a little light bulb robot (above), inspired by Wallace and Gromit. (?) I shed tears in the meme-lots of adventure and relaxation Godot’s superb theme song in-game recreation From Phoenix Wright game. (We don’t talk about Sonic It’s a VR remake I played, but I think the WIP VR experience is a journey. )

Has such a depth dream And you don’t have to look far to find it.The game is with its community Obvious Love Media Molecule focused on creating something driven by the purest creativity. If you’re on the fence about picking this up, it’s worth checking out.

This isn’t a video game technically, and it didn’t come out technically this year, but my list, my rules. I’ve only played a few times since college last year, so I’ve started to get into D & D quite deeply. Last year I had the opportunity to join a small group full of great people and I’m very fortunate that they will continue to meet in 2020 (mainly now online). That lifeline and connections with many friends have been an important part of my life this year, and despite being mostly trapped in an apartment this year, I’m frustrated and introverted to stay in touch with my friends. I was able to.

On the less happy side of things, I really enjoy knowing the rules, complexity, and strange situations that come with tabletop games like D & D. The resulting storytelling is an experience I’ve always wanted more when playing similarly non-linear games. Dragon age Or Mass effect The old days, and the collaborative nature of the game, are that their twists and bends have great unpredictability, that victory feels like a heroic moment shared among friends, and that losses It means carrying an amazing emotional burden.

In addition to the pages of books published by WOTC, there is a strong community of creators, writers and designers who create their own adventures, items, supplements, content, folklore, etc. to improve and build the framework of 5e itself. .. From the comfort of podcasts and Twitch streams, there have been a lot of real play shows over the years where you can enjoy some of the same emotional heights (important role! Waterdeep rivals! Fantasy high! More!). You can even find a community of fellow fans built around that amazing collaboration storytelling.

Have you ever heard of a small game called while we are talking about comfort games? Spleunky??It’s not an equally comfortable game Animal Forest is; Animal Forest Will never betray me like most of me Spelunky I will do it.

Spelunky 2, Like its equally brutal predecessor, it creates a sense of comfort by providing a compelling roguelike loop that constantly supplies you with more information through horrific, horrific death. The goal here is to go down a series of procedurally generated levels, demand treasure, and escape the cycle of death and resurrection. This is almost the same as before. Spelunky 1.. As you die from mechanics, obstacles and enemies along the way, you’ll learn lessons about them and eventually begin to feel like you know most of what you’re doing.

I wasn’t for sale Spelunky I need a sequel until the moment I first play Spelunky 2..What’s interesting Spelunky 2 It’s a game that manages to take the formula behind the original and already looks perfect on its own, building it with new mechanics, worlds, and structural changes that look like the original’s natural advances. It means that it is.It wouldn’t have been enough to make another SpelunkyThe sequel had to find a way to stand out from previous games and be better on its own without adding, while preserving the original charm, cleanliness and challenge. too much, And for some reason Spelunky 2 I did this.

I’m a moody vampire novel vampire.But Pedigree The sequel won’t see the light of day until 2021 There was still a healthy infusion this year Vampire: Masquerade Content to keep me healthy.Both Vampire: The Masquerade-New York Brotherhood And Vampire: Masquerade-Shadow of New York A visual novel created by Draw Distance, a great introduction to the world and folklore of the series. I think I beat both at once because I couldn’t put them down once I started playing.

There is a mechanical difference between the two. Brotherhood You can step into the role of one of the three protagonists Shadow It revolves around one character. However, both will lose on the streets of New York and will decide which allies to work with and how to deal with the newly discovered immortality. Each creates an eerie and cozy atmosphere through music and stylist-animated scenes, sharing a fascinating story underpinned by the history and politics of the World of Darkness vampire community.

Honorable Mention-The game I started, and finally

Desperados III (Mimimi Games)-This is a great combination of the two best genres of stealth and western, and unfortunately it still has a great combat system that doesn’t have enough mental bandwidth to explore.

Dragon Age: Inquisition (BioWare)-I swear to God to defeat this game before the next Dragon age It will come out no matter how many times you try. Last month was my third attempt.I just want to go back and play every time I start origin And DAII..

Moon (Love-de-Lic)-The moon was introduced to me as one of the inspirations behind it Undertail, And it’s definitely shining. I’m still quite early in the game and the nature of the PS1 was certainly a readjustment, but I’m looking forward to seeing how its anti-RPG nature works in the future.

Persona 5 Royal (Atlas) -I decided not to end Persona 5 Just reboot with Royal Originally after falling out of the game.I’m still going to do it, i listen Royal Great, but boys’ long video games are a big question so far.

Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Angkor (Atlas)- TMS # FE That was the only reason I kept carrying the Wii U stubbornly, and I was thrilled that it jumped to the Switch. It’s a very bright game and the way to combine skills is seriously addictive, Long video games are a big question so far.

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