Gamasutra’s Best of 2020: Chris Carr’s Top 5 Games

You see, I could waste all my time trying desperately to scrape non-original jape together on how 2020 shattered the collective spirit of mankind into fine pastes. .. This has been proven without the shadow of doubt we occupy’the worst timeline,’or the future of Black Mirror by obscuring the hellish future that Charlie Brooker may dream of. Ruined the season.

But I’m not going to do that. At this point, I’m running in a haze and can barely collect a cohesive pun, not to mention a spectacular introduction to the year-end list. That is, we both know the score at this point. I’d like to see if one of my favorite games appears on this very pointless list (probably reading in the bathroom), but by lyrically talking about digital comfort, my self-importance I want to increase. Food that vaguely endured this year.

We are all adults here and it is not embarrassing to call a spade a spade. Let’s chase and get it. Here are five video games that stood out in the underarm stains of 2020:

I played Animal Forest Almost 200 hours this year. Did you spend that time well? Absolutely not. Did you jump out of bed at dawn to see if you won the Cub lottery and look for aesthetic pleasure in Nook’s Cranny? It’s difficult. Is it normal to spend hours meticulously conceptualizing and building an island just to make a fictional animal happy? Well, if you put it like that …

Well, looking back Animal Forest Mostly successful in turning me into a human shell. The only purpose on this planet was a herd of furniture, a T-shirt design, a vibrant fauna smooth, and an occasional hollow mouth breather. Yet, despite its long-awaited realization, it has also come to define one of the most turbulent times of the year.

In March and April, when COVID-19 finally became worthy of respect from countries around the world, it offered genuine social outlets, resulting in blockades, restrictions, and a lack of clear contact with humans. .. It gathered people in an era when they couldn’t get away anymore, and for that, I’m always grateful to Nintendo’s amazing number of life slice simulators, even if I haven’t touched them for months. ..

What i can say Apex Legend Haven’t you been told yet at this point? This isn’t the first time Respawn’s last team standing shooter has appeared on my list, and for good reason. Every year, I think the game will finally lose momentum and collapse under the weight of its own success. Every year, the answer is categorically “no”. The respawn keeps raising the bar.

It’s easy to talk about how the studio cleverly introduced the game to new maps, expanded arsenals, new characters, and even vehicles without removing the game from the quilter, but it’s definitely a big win.But once again, the core gameplay vertex It remains the result of that bark. Built around precise gunplay, clever movement, and versatile capabilities, the shooter’s interlocking system is currently similar to a fine-tuned V8 engine.

No mechanic feels surplus with the requirements. Each design choice (from ability duration to unique running animation) has spanned decades with the goal of creating an incredibly accurate balance between risk, reward, teamwork, and skill. I feel like I’ve been suffering. It’s a meticulous approach to keep delivering goods, so here’s you, Respawn.

Mediatonic knocked it out of the park Fall Guys.. The studio’s overwhelming affectionate take on the battle royale format proved that it could do more in this genre than asking the players to blow each other up. The concept here is simple. Desperate to cross the finish line first, you’ll go through a series of solo and team-based slalom packed with mudcap traps of all kinds.

This is essentially a video game equivalent to a show like Takeshi’s Castle or Wipeout, taking advantage of the same weird and unpredictable energy that made these series so popular. Has been successful.Of course there are more Fall Guys Many live their own lives on meme-fueled Twitterspheres, rather than their perfectly crafted balmpot obstacle courses.

It’s also filled with a lot of heart, thanks to the whip-smart character and sound design that turned the game’s bouncing beans into the show’s real star. It’s almost hypnotic to see unfortunate creatures squeaking and scrambling each other before packing with an inflatable hammer the size of a refrigerator. I know enough about what I can (and probably will) do next.The moments at the edge of your seat like them are bread and butter Fall Guys, And helped turn Bumble Royale into a sincere gaming gold.

Most people weren’t talking when the next generation of hysteria reached the pitch of heat Astros Playroom, An unpretentious 3D platformer preloaded on all PlayStation 5. In retrospect, it was a disguise blessing, as it meant that lucky enough people to get a huge unit could experience one of the best console launch titles ever made. With completely fresh eyes.

The nostalgic journey of Team Asobi is designed first and foremost to show players the unique features of the DualSense gamepad. That alone was the first suitable “next generation” experience I played this year. The game provides a perfect showcase of controller pinpoint tactile feedback and adaptive triggers.It’s impossible to tell how immersive these features have added, but believe me when I say that Astros playroom DualSense works on every cylinder, and the traditional controller and its rustic bones ring and feel terribly mediocre.

Astros playroom However, this is more than a glorious tutorial. It’s a fascinating experience in itself, packed with dynamic levels suitable for exploration, more than a lot of collectibles, a world of secret hubs, boss battle tests, and their own franchise. The main character. The only question at this point is whether the Asobi team will fulfill that promise and give the world the opportunity to give the world the right sequel to the blockbuster. Sony, please make it happen.

Insomniac’s next-generation debut is gourmet comfort food. This is a perfect tribute to the Parker-centric outing launched in 2018 and provides exactly what you’d expect from a follow-up to one of the best titles of the last console generation-that is, smooth. Combat, Delicious Web-Swing, Fist Pumping Hero Moments, and Heartfelt Classic Origins.

Sure, it’s almost the same. But when that means, it gives you more time to drive through the snow-covered New York Insomniac’s gorgeous recreation (this time using ray tracing), while at the same time using all-new power to commit crimes: Frequent pit stops to defeat those poison explosions, invisibility, holograms, why do you complain?

Probably the biggest reason I love Miles Morales, But that does bring some very necessary expressions to the world of Marvel video games. I have nothing to Peter Parker (I really like the guy very much), but how many times have you seen his story unfold? By shining a spotlight on Miles and his family, Insomniac has shown that it is possible to make someone other than a white quiff your protagonist.

As SqureEnix made Kamala Khan the focus of Avengers games earlier this year, it’s a small step in the right direction and seems to be more comprehensive and representative, further developing our industry. I hope you will continue to do so. Encourage others to do the same.

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