GAME, a new PS5 Asda stock coming after Christmas, was rumored for next week

New arrivals are expected before Christmas, but when will they be released? (Photo: Sony)

Asda has confirmed that the PS5 will not be available until the end of Christmas, but others may be luckier.

It’s no secret that the PlayStation 5 is hard to come by.Even those Those who succeeded in pre-ordering had to deal completely with delayed delivery and getting the wrong item.

And as Christmas gets closer and closer, those who miss their first pre-order want to know when new inventory will be available to anyone other than Scalper.

Little information is available at this time, but new rumors may give people an idea of ​​which retailers will get them and when to check them.

When will the new PS5 inventory arrive in the UK?

According to Twitter account PS5 Stock Info UK, some retailers will have new inventories available throughout the next week.

No source of this information is provided, but it may be worth monitoring the websites of designated retailers for those dates in case they suddenly drop without prior announcement (this). Was common until now).

Which UK retailer has a PS5 in stock?

If the information provided is accurate, Tesco will have them on December 13th, Games and Amazon on December 14th, and Argos on December 16th or December 17th.

This means that if you unfortunately miss a new inventory from Tesco, you still have a chance to get it from GAME or Amazon the next day.

The tweet also states that Asda and Smyths will receive new inventory, but not until after Christmas / early 2021.

In fact, earlier this morning, the official Twitter account of the Asda service team confirmed as well, depending on the customer.

How can I keep track of my PS5 inventory?

The best you can do is to follow the social media accounts of all the retailers mentioned above.

There is no doubt that PlayStation 5 orders will be announced through those accounts when they are republished. We also strive to constantly evaluate when inventory is published, but in many cases inventory is only available for a few minutes.

Also, keep in mind that due to the current climate, inventory is likely to be available only online, so don’t bother lining up outside your local Tesco or elsewhere.

Can I buy a PS5 now?

It’s possible, but the only way is via eBay, well above the standard retail prices of £ 449.99 (for standard consoles) and £ 359.99 (for digital versions).

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a console, as there are reports that people have been fooled into buying just boxes or even PlayStation 5 photos instead of the real thing.

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New PS5 Asda stock coming after Christmas, GAME rumoured for next week

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