Game Awards 2020 News Summary – All Trailers and Announcements

Ark 2 – Dom vs. Dinosaurs (Photo: Studio Wildcard)

At the last big video game event of the year, many new games are booming and the latest releases are awaited.

If you want to enable maximum splash with new video game announcements, traditional venues June E3. In recent years, the Game Awards have taken over more and more of that role, which Microsoft used last year to announce the Xbox Series X.

There was no doubt about the coronavirus this year, but from a British perspective, there were still many interesting trailers to debut, even if everything was done in the short time on Friday.

Unfortunately, the two most anticipated games, Eldenling and Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, were no-shows, but Eldenling won the most anticipated game, and that’s how host Geoff Keighley mentioned. It seemed to suggest that it was approaching.

However, companies often changed their minds about this kind of thing at the last minute, and Sony instructed fans to watch the show, but their most famous trailer was simply a new perspective on Hausmark’s return. ..

As always, there were a lot of indie games in AAA’s blockbuster. For your perusal, we have listed the most interesting ones below.

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Century: The Age of Ash

Despite being driven to the pre-show, this free-play game had some impressive visuals that clearly owed much to the Panzer Dragoon game. Unlike Sega’s classics, this is a multiplayer game, but it’s basically a dogfight game, unless you’re using a dragon instead of an airplane (or dog). There will be a closed beta from January and you can sign up here.

Back 4 Blood

This spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead by the original creator of the series, Turtle Rock, was announced on the way home. The footage of this first gameplay looked pretty much what you expected. That’s not a small amount, but why Valve didn’t continue to franchise is a mystery to many, and the graphics, especially the giant zombies 20 feet high, look great. The closed alpha version will be released next week, and the game itself will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on June 22nd.

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide

Immediately after Back 4 Blood, a four-player co-op game was run, including science fiction scavengers and the historic Hood: Outlaws & Legends, but it was this new Warhammer tie-up that seemed most promising. Darktide was created by the creator of Vermintide and seems to be basically the same idea, but not in the fantasy world, but in the strange heavy metal sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000. The deadline is sometime next year.

Open road

The creators of Gone Home couldn’t find a lot of viewers in the sci-fi follow-up Tacoma, but this third game from Fullbright Company looks promising with an interesting combination of regular 3D graphics and 2D animation. I saw. Behind it is a well-known voice actor, with Keri Russell and Caitlin Diver calling out to a team of mothers and daughters trying to uncover unexpected family secrets.

Disco Elysium: Final cut

A console version of the ZA / UM cult role-playing game was announced some time ago, but this is a significantly modified version of the original game, and new quests and full voices have never worked on every line. It wasn’t clear. Consider how much text in the game has many lines. It will be available in PlayStation format in March and on Switch and Xbox in the fall. Extras are available as a free upgrade for those who already have a PC version.

Crimson dessert

Graphically alone, arguably the best-looking game of the night was this follow-up to MMO Black Desert. The landscape is really gorgeous, but we are not completely convinced of the battle. The battle looks a bit repetitive from the trailer alone. The game is categorized as an “open world action adventure” rather than an MMO, but it has both co-op and PvP. It will be available on PCs and consoles next Christmas.


The new game from the maker of the Darwin project was another indie title with a much more interesting visual style than most of the big budget games. I must admit that the story isn’t 100% clear, but it seems that you need to explore the world by bike and “collect relics and memories before the cataclysms wash everything away.” I don’t know exactly what that context is, but everything looks pretty pretty. It hasn’t been released yet, but will be available on PlayStation consoles and PCs.

Ark 2

For a long time I thought this would be a new Turok game, but it’s not. A sequel to the online survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. Although the original tastes acquired, the Bonker trailer featuring Vin Diesel and the cannibal Tyrannosaurus Rex was arguably one of the most enjoyable of the night. Unexpectedly star-studded cast including Russell Crowe, Karl Urban, Gerard Butler, Malcolm McDowell, Elliot Page, David Tennant, Michelle Yeoh, Alan Tudyk as well as Mr. Diesel There is also a featured cartoon tie-in. Either it costs a stupid amount of money or everyone works for peanuts because they think the dinosaurs are cool. I think it’s the latter.

Evil Dead: Game

There have been many Evil Dead games so far, but none of the classic horror comedies have done justice. Modern takes, including characters from movies and TV shows, seem like a dream come true for fans, but the footage shows that it’s a multiplayer action game. This is also the same as Left 4 Dead. I’m not really sure if that was the way to go when the slow-paced survival horror offered the franchise’s two staple foods, the wise crack and the opportunity for bloodshed, but Saber, the developer of World War Z. Interactive is reasonably competent. We need to know when it will be released next year.

Makaimura Goblin Revival

The problem with reviving Ghosts’n Goblins is that while everyone has happy memories about it, mainly thanks to the iconic soundtrack, the incredible difficulty of the game is a modern incarnation. Is that it tends to make it almost unplayable to just humans. We need to find out how to address this issue when a remake of this switch is released on February 25th. In the same month, Capcom will also release Capcom Arcade Stadium, where 1943 can be purchased as a free bundled DLC for individual coin operations.


We’re still not entirely sure what’s going on with this PlayStation 5 exclusive, but Housemarque’s experience with arcade shooters like Resogun and Nex Machina is enough to intrigue us. Returning seems like a rather complicated experience. It’s a third-person shooter (or at least I think it’s happening) that looks like a survival horror element because you’re stuck in a Groundhog Day-style timeloop on an alien planet.

Road 96

We really like the look of this. A procedural road trip from the makers of ValiantHearts and MemoriesRetold, at least in part, like President Trump’s commentary. Ride with a variety of dubious people. It would be interesting to see it mixed with the appropriate story, as the procedural generation suggests that it is mortal.

It takes two

Brothers: The story of two sons and a new game by the creator of A Way Out also looks very promising. As with any game, it focuses on collaborative actions when playing a crouching couple who must turn into a doll. Resolve their differences and participate in lots of fun looking video game activities before they are allowed to return to humans. It looks great and will be released relatively soon for Xbox One, PlayStation, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom’s Nintendo-exclusive Monster Hunter game will be released on the exact same day. This is very similar to a switch game. But the real news here was that there will be a free demo in January. This should be interesting.

Evil West

This is a new game from Flying WildHogs, the maker of Shadow Warrior restarts. It’s not clear if it can be played exactly like the game, as it was just a pre-rendered trailer, but cowboys and supernatural monsters are usually a fun mix, and the game is wisely considered too seriously. It doesn’t seem to be.

Scarlet Nexus

Namco Bandai seems to have a marketing contract with Microsoft, which is actually a multi-format game, but it will also appear on PlayStation and PC. The anime’s visuals look cool, but it’s still unclear what’s going on, except for being a third-person action role player coming out next summer.

Ruined King: League of Legends Story

Despite being one of the most popular video games in the world, League Of Legends is little known to most console gamers, and this role-playing spin-off seems to be an attempt to change that. Whether you know what LoL is or not, it looks pretty good with some nice visuals when performing turn-based combat and exploration. It is scheduled for next year.

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