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This week it seemed appropriate to look back at some of my favorite launch titles so far. And we are starting with classical music.

One of the weirdnesses of Tetris is that each version of Tetris actually feels different, even if you ignore the gradual additions to the game, such as hold space and hard and soft drops. Each machine differs in a difficult way to identify, as if it were plagued by different ghosts.

The Game Boy Tetris, which glows green and shoots amazing digital raspberries every time it loses, may be the most distinctive-the mean, often cruel Tetris, and of course. After all, this version, bundled with Nintendo’s handheld masterpiece, introduced Alexey Pajitnov’s beautiful game to perhaps more people than any other game.

That’s the part that makes it such a fun jerk. Of all the Tetris out there, this is what you seem to know best when you’re saving for a long brick. It allows you to plan and curate your walls, keeps that special gap, and you build and build and do everything right, and does it give you long bricks? ?? No. Put one of the L in the wrong place and wait until it blocks everything. Then you will see two long bricks when you no longer need them.

Discuss everything you want about whether Tetris is the perfect video game-I still think Lumines is defeating it. But it’s a perfect release title. A game that makes new hardware both the center of your universe and what doesn’t look strange. While learning the details of this Tetris unruly charm, you have a Game Boy and forget about it.

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