Game Inbox: Are PS4 Pro and Xbox One X obsolete?

Quick fall from grace (Photo: Sony)

Due to a problem with one reader, Friday’s inbox has several options for what to do with eBay Scalper. Xbox Series X Controller on your PC.

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Early retirement
So what exactly is happening, as PS4 Pro and Xbox One X basically don’t exist anymore? Until the GC GAME Black Friday summary, I never thought you couldn’t buy them anymore. At this point, I know it’s not a priority from a production perspective, but none are available from the country’s largest game retailers. That’s pretty strange.

I think the inventory will eventually come back. Otherwise, you would have said that Microsoft and Sony were obsolete, but in fact they seem to be in stock. You can’t buy them in the Christmas preparatory stage, they aren’t part of Black Friday, and they’re certainly no longer advertised.

It’s all driving us to buy for the next generation … none of them. What a mess. Nintendo must be laughing at their heads because the only option left is the Switch.

Grand Theft Spacecraft
EA should be working on the Mandalorian game right now, right? They finally seem to get the hang of the Star Wars game, the show is really hot right now, and at least another season is coming, so imagine more after that.

Not only are there many Mandalorians with different gears and factions, but it’s also wise to have a large bounty hunter simulator, so you can even be an IG droid. Other than that, from the world of Star Wars.

I really want this to look as obvious to EA as I do, but there is the question of who makes it. answer? Of course rock star! Imagine GTA. However, with droids and blasters, you basically get what I imagine. I understand that it doesn’t happen, but I hope the general idea is possible.

Nintendo Smash
I fully agree with Panda’s letter and GC’s reaction. The reason Nintendo’s top franchise games are usually often reviewed is that they are finely crafted and very fun to play. If you don’t like the basic notion of playing a Super Mario platform game (or one of its franchises), the next iteration won’t shake you a lot, but there’s no way to blame Nintendo for changing skins. .. The last version with some minor improvements to make a little quick cash.

Undoubtedly, they would be happy to take advantage of their history and people like me would buy games & watches purely for nostalgia, but suggesting that their new games are popular by the same standards. I don’t think it’s really fair.

Should Disney / Marvel pay a pension because the Hulk, Iron Man, etc. have been around for decades and are basically doing the same thing as usual?

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Xbox series errors
So it’s time to retire the old Xbox 360 wired controller (I’m a PC gamer) after being hit hard by the first blockade. I actually wore the grip on the analog stick, but after all, I liked the new wireless controller.

I like the Xbox layout. Also, the fact that most games on your PC are designed around Microsoft’s controller means that getting a new Xbox controller is the best way to go.

Well, it may not be.

How difficult is it for Microsoft, a manufacturer of both controllers and operating systems, to get it working right out of the box? My friend’s answer is very, very difficult. It connects nicely via Bluetooth. Launch Forza, yes, another Microsoft product … nothing. Not recognized. Dig into the Steam library again. There is no joy other than the functioning of Ori and the Blind Forest! One game across the library.

Otherwise, it will only be recognized when you plug it in (or you seem to have spent an extra £ 30 on the wireless adapter). When it comes online, this doesn’t seem to be unusual.

As for the actual controller, if left untouched, it feels a bit lighter than the Xbox 360. It seems that the amount of movement of the trigger is not so large. Also, the directional pad is better, but it feels very clicky. Overall, I haven’t been impressed so far. Maybe I need to get used to it, but it honestly feels like a setback. Give a week to see if it can work via Bluetooth. If not, go back and see if you can get the right third-party controller.
Man observes

Natural rant
I just saw a news report selling new consoles on Scalper and eBay on Metro.

I had a sleepless night trying to get my Xbox online all night, but I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas at the age of 13, so the next day it’s sold at double the price on other sites. I noticed that.

I don’t have the money to pay twice the price. If I had one, I wouldn’t pay for it in principle.

I need to do something about this. Parents beg and borrow to make sure their child has what they want for Christmas, and these scalpers are now running away. One on eBay sold over 138 units that he disliked.

Thank you for letting me rant.

Benefit from friends
Only shops and eBay can stop resale on eBay, but since the shop sells them and eBay makes slices of PlayStation pies, we do nothing to stop it. This issue does not occur if the shop does the right job, the second order to the address already delivered is flagged and the order is automatically canceled.

And when it comes to eBay, they don’t really bother with PayPal fees, seller fees, and all the other fees they don’t care about because they make money. To be honest, I pre-ordered GAME and Amazon. I was going to sell it, and my companion called me saying he couldn’t get it.

I said he might have my spare one. I made a profit of 2 pence. I am lucky to receive my order.

Wise precautions
How to stop the scalper from scooping the console?

I am a customer of BT Internet. Last week they made several PlayStation 5 consoles available.

To get it, I had to log in to my BT account and click the link on the screen.

This will display a unique code that you can click to access the BT shop and quote the code. One code for each customer, first-come-first-served basis.

Sony and Microsoft can do the same, reward loyalists with PSN and Xbox accounts, click the PlayStation 4 or Xbox link and seize the opportunity to get one console per person. Please give me.

Even something like Amazon can do the same to register interests and get a code or unique URL that won’t be published until the pre-order date. You can then cross-reference to prevent the same address from appearing multiple times. Is Bob your uncle or am I naive?

GC: Not from our point of view.

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Analog tax
Not sure if you and your readers know the American company Analogue? Basically, instead of following a software-based route that can lead to a variety of issues, they use programmable hardware to create high-end HDMI-friendly replicas of retro consoles, 100%. Emulate with precision (they claim).

Anyway, they make the good ones I know because I own their Mega Drive-Mega Sg. A few months ago, I beat the odds of pre-ordering (they always have very limited inventory of their products) and bought a re-release of their NES-(breathtaking) Nt Mini Noir V2 What are you thinking-Rob price of $ 499. NES was my first console and these tend to keep prices due to their rarity, so I relied on nostalgia to justify this to myself.

Well, at the time of my letter, I received a message from FedEx today that they are handling my Nt deliveries, but there was a small issue of tariffs to pay. Sigh, I thought it was fair enough. Then I saw the amount – £ 201! In 2020, you are a pig! I contacted Analogue to confirm that the value of the goods declared to Customs was correct. Unfortunately that is not the case.

They sent me a link revealing that our government imposes an additional 25% import tax on video game consoles and machines coming from the United States. This will start on November 10th of this year and will be added to the standard 20%. 45% tax. For me, this has already turned ridiculous luxury into something that only Russian oligarchs should consider. I’m now watching a pre-order for an old yellow dog-like analog pocket at the end of the movie.

Also run inbox
RE: An eBay seller selling Xbox photos. I saw one of these ads that looked like a real Xbox, and said it was a small print and it was just a photo of it. I reported this to eBay, but I don’t think anything was done about it.

I love your work, but is there any possibility of reviewing Oculus Quest games in the future? Some big releases (Star Wars: Story from Galaxy’s Edge and Population: 1) come and go, some (Climb 2, Jurassic Park, etc.) will arrive soon … and your opinion is general Spot to.
Birdman Rob

GC: Population: You may have missed the boat on One, but Star Wars doesn’t miss it, so look for it next week. But yes, in general, we want to catch up with the bigger releases – this is easier to do at other times of the year than it is now.

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Do you think the new console makes a better impression at this stage of life than the previous format, or do you think it’s disappointing so far? What do you hope for in the near future (next 6 months or so) and in the long run?

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