Game Inbox: Can I lock down my PS5 pre-orders?

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Monday inbox comparison From Mandalorian Season 2 to Monster Hunter. Congratulations to a reader for defeating Ring Fit Adventure.

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2020 strikes again
Well, then who realized what a long one-month blockade meant for gamers? I don’t know where everyone else pre-ordered the PlayStation 5, but I pre-ordered it from a local game. This is the very definition that it is not mandatory, so I think it will be closed until December 2nd.

As far as I understand that GAME’s website and shops are very far apart, I’m not sure if they’re likely to take over the pre-order and post it to everyone. Needless to say, if you pre-order at an ordinary high street shop.

I don’t know if the people who noticed it by 2020 are terrible, so I think it’s natural.
PS: Now that people are basically unable to shop for Christmas, Amazon must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Now, if you pre-order your PlayStation 5 from a shop, it seems difficult to receive it on November 19th, as all non-essential shops must close until December 2nd. ..

If you bought the PlayStation 5 for online distribution, you probably don’t care too much. Good luck to everyone who bought the PlayStation 5 on November 19th.

GC: The government has also said that the blockade could be extended beyond December 2.

Mainly optimistic
As a big fan of both Cyberpunk and The Witcher 3, I’ve been closely tracking the development of Cyberpunk 2077 since it was announced. And to be honest … the gameplay footage has always been a bit confusing to me. In particular, it’s like the architecture and design of an external city – Crackdown 3, etc., which looks a bit bland derivative to the eye.

Also, considering the mechanics of the previous game, I’m worried about battles and actions in general.

That said, I’m convinced that what makes CD Projekt Red really good is the magic that shines in stories, missions, and characters.

So while I’m disappointed with the delay, I’m still eagerly looking forward to the launch.
Connor Stevenson

Get ready
I’m also worried that Cyberpunk 2077 may not have a way to withstand the hype, but I think the fact that they’re late many times suggests they’re trying to get things right. I will. There are a few things that have eased my own personal excitement about it. It’s 100% depending on how much I loved The Witcher 3.

First of all, I prefer the fantasy world to science fiction. I like swords better than lasers and dragons better than robots. Many sci-fi worlds seem to be home to loud, unpleasant characters, but they quickly become discouraged.

It leads me to the character-for my money, The Witcher 3 had the best character conversation ever in the game. CD Project Red clearly had a lot of influence on this, but much of the tedious work was done by the excellent Witcher book. Can they bottle the lightning bolt twice?

Finally-and I don’t want to sound like a whining fanboy because it’s not exactly the same as The Witcher-the fact remains that I’ve never felt an emotional connection to the character I played in the first person. .. I’ve enjoyed the world of games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Half-Life, but I’ve never been as immersed in the world as third-person games.

I’m not too worried about the fight, I thought The Witcher’s fight was solid, if not brilliant. If anything, the way Geralt can be customized to focus on combat, potions, signs, etc. is great and is a good sign for Cyberpunk 2077 with augmentations, implants, weapons and more.

I’m still very excited because I booked a week off work to play it. I really hope the developers can knock out the park again, just like The Witcher 3. But I’m psychologically prepared myself for not having it-quite those heights.

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GTA 5.5
With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming soon and GTA 5 on these systems, the biggest problem I’ve had with existing versions is being in one city and not being able to fly completely to another. It was a limitation of that.

Liberty City and Vice City are both part of the GTA world, and DLC updates need to be revisited in these cities, buying apartments and assets, and people in different cities. To be able to perform various missions. This gives more people a reason to get GTA 5 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Of course, Rockstar can also add more radio stations.

Yes, this will take some time, but I don’t know about others, but if you have a GTA game with great content on GTA Online and you can go to other citizens, wait It doesn’t matter. Rockstar can also add more content to these cities, such as robbery that is only available in certain cities or a unique type of robbery, to decide how to enjoy GTA.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: It’s a huge amount of work you’re talking about, and it’s virtually a brand new game.

Official answer
It can’t be as scary as the threat of murder from a qualified gamer. What am I going to do? Start your workout like an 80’s movie training montage and get you.

Indeed, isn’t the best way to deal with these people to publicize the threat and stop the satisfaction gained from the “threat” that attracts attention?
R McKenna (Gamertag)

GC: The best way to deal with them is to call the police, which is usually what happens.

I’ve finally run out of my Xbox Live subscription and will be offline for a while. I have two games I’m playing online, but they’re useless right now, so I’d like to offer them together or to separate readers for free. The Fallout 76 I really enjoyed is because the update is a bit like any other player in addition to the Fallout game.

Battlefield 5 or V as needed. I really couldn’t get into it, but if you’re a fan and haven’t picked it up, now’s your chance. Suppose normal applies. Write your favorite regular letter on GC and PS.
Bob wallet

Tip oil
An important piece of advice for everyone who read the message from Anon that was also performed yesterday is, don’t spray WD-40 inside Joy-Con!

WD-40 is not a panacea and does not mix well with chips. It’s light oil, and even if you manage to make sure everything is inside the Joy-Con stick housing, it won’t stay there.

Replace the stick within the warranty period. If not, do the fit replacement yourself. If you have no other choice, use a LITTLE contact cleaner suitable for your PCB. However, be aware that at best it is a very temporary fix.
Antony White

Someone wrote that they would use WD-40 to fix the Joy-Con drift. Make sure it is a WD-40 electrical contact cleaner, not a WD-40 such as a bike chain. Otherwise the controller will be ruined.

Simple jump
I’ve been playing Greedfall recently and have fun. What kind of island is Tiafradi Island? new Zealand? Aboriginal accents are very strange: like a mix of Welsh and South Africa. Also, the place looks like an eternal autumn land. I like it very much.

As you said, the story is very compelling, but it still completely loses its light moments. It should be a particularly intolerable installment for FINAL FANTASY (make your choice), but that works fine.

But my biggest bugbear is how to gate the abilities behind the unlockable skills that the character should actually be able to perform automatically. It’s fair to do this with picking and explosives, even to some craft, but before jumping over the gap that Betty White can manage when I should be a trained elite aristocrat, Level 2 Vigour Can you buy aristocratic money with the best martial arts since you were a kid? !! What a dare! Is there any special term for this kind of video game logic?

Also, I vaguely showed my character to East Asia. Many other characters in the game have noticed that they look similar to the indigenous people. Was it due to the people I chose? Do white or black characters get the same treatment? Or is it due to the mark on her face?

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Fear of friction
To be honest, if you want to suffer ignorant wounds, I would like to mention Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s a game that requires courage to play. Amazing achievements from such a small developer.

It deals with another kind of horror, but I also recommend SOMA.

Role-playing requirements
As many years of readers already know, my backlog is littered with role-playing games that span multiple generations and consoles.

Still incredibly, I’ve just finished one! Yes, it’s the “only” Ring Fit Adventure, but if role-playing means statistics that affect level-ups, potions, hit points, elemental attacks, and equipment, Ring Fit is a role-playing game for me.

In retrospect, Paper Mario: The Millennium Door, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and the world ends with you … at least 20 were incomplete.

Adding a ring fit to that list, I think I finally cracked it. You need a role-playing game story to avoid the traditional metaphors of this genre and a combat system that includes more than just select from the menu and watch the animation play.

With these requirements in mind, what do you recommend for your Xbox One or Switch?
ttfp saylow (gamer tag)
Currently playing: Post-game Ring Fit Adventure

GC: Have you ever wondered if you might not like a role-playing game?

Also run inbox
I would like to thank the two for their advice on racing wheels. I chose the Logitech G29. With the stand, it’s a bit backwards than I expected, but it’s compatible with the PlayStation 5, so it’s worth the investment.

Can you give us some information about GC and dual chargers? It says there is no wiring, so how does it work? Wire-free from PlayStation 5 to dual charger, then wire-free wireless charging from charger to DualSense controller? I checked GAME and Amazon, but I don’t know the details.

GC: Do not have.

For those who saw the first new episode of The Mandalorian, what’s the bet to be a better live-action Monster Hunter than a real Monster Hunter movie?

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What is your favorite console (rather than your home computer), regardless of when it was first released? What is the reason? How much of that appeal lies not only in software, but in hardware and its peripherals? Consoles are better than other consoles, how impressive are they and how much impact do they have on modern times?

How much nostalgia influences your choices? Do you think consoles and their games still have a wide range of appeal today? What makes a great console? And how much do you think the current and future formats have learned from the past?

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