Game Inbox: Did PS5 Meet Your Expectations?

Astro Playroom-Everyone loves Astro (Photo: Sony)

Tuesday’s inbox is fed up with a global shortage of everything related to the game, as one reader hasn’t been impressed with Capcom Retro Station.

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Satisfied customers
So I’ve been playing on the PlayStation 5 most of the weekend, and so far I’m pretty surprised that the Astro playroom in particular should be there as one of my favorite gaming experiences! The way games introduce DualSense is incredible, and it’s almost Nintendo-like magic in that consoles, controllers, and games are connected very seamlessly and extend to each other. Sure, it’s a very fleeting experience and most players go through in a few hours, but my god is they in a few hours! I love platform-like details made from controller parts.

I’m also playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is incredible (despite being generational). Ray tracing adds depth to the city. Overall satisfied with the purchase. There were some minor issues with the front USB port not being able to charge the controller in rest mode and it crashed the first time I played Astro’s playroom (no more)) – but the patch doesn’t finally fix it There is nothing.
Recand Roller (PSN ID)

Same old tale
It’s interesting to read all the issues gamers are trying to get the latest Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Nothing is better on this side of the Canadian pond. The console sold out in minutes, the website crashed, and those who bravely went out and tried to get it directly went home empty-handed.

On the PC side, both Nvidia and AMD have released new hardware, but they too aren’t available without paying the scalper price. AMD cards sold out in minutes, and Nvidia cards sold out.

I’ve been on the sidelines, new hardware would be nice. But if the people around you have the Amiga and Atari ST and you can survive the early 90’s with the Amstrad CPC, you can wait months for things to be categorized. My PC lacks ray tracing, but it’s actually quite functional.

We had a blockade that started just on Monday, so this weekend we saw an insane crowd at the mall for early Christmas shopping and panic buying in supermarkets (especially Costco for some reason).
Commodore fan
Currently playing: Sonic 2 (Mega Drive Mini), Uncharted Collection (PS4), and Doom Eternal (Xbox One)

Shopping at Scalper
I don’t like to look down on the Weekend Readers feature, but I must admit that the Sunday feature of buying a PlayStation 5 for £ 900 made me a little annoyed. I’ve seen Scalper’s problems with virtually every console launch, and every time people seem happy to pay them a fortune. A common argument is that you should be able to spend as much money as you like, but it seems that people who wanted a console at launch have forgotten that it’s not available.

The only way to stop these scalpers is to stop buying from them. Just waiting a few months for your inventory to grow is really hard! ??

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Disappearing game
I’ve been impressed with the PlayStation 5 since I played all the games. The loading time is impressive. Assassin’s Creed Valhara has new features you’ve never experienced before.

It’s a very impressive game and it’s visually very good, so I’ll play it for hours. When you’re ready to turn off your console and immerse yourself in your adventure, you’ll need to turn on your PlayStation 5, make sure the game tiles are gone, and reinstall the game.

I ran this 5 times. If you have to wait 30 minutes to reinstall a game that has mysteriously disappeared from the console, it doesn’t make sense to use an ultra-fast SSD. I paid quite a few pounds for your game, so Ubisoft organizes it!

I’m sorry to moan, but I’m nervous now.

Are you wondering if you welcome the PlayStation 5 and the X / S version of the X / S version of GTA 5 and offer the aircraft carrier as an option available for purchase, allowing players to own the aircraft carrier and recognize the possibility of a new robbery?

This is a great feature for the new next generation GTA games and will encourage more people to upgrade. Fort Zanked can also be used to attack with robbery and will offer great challenges to GTA online players.

Owning a runway at Fort Zankd will also help GTA Online and make it a great new property for players to own.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

JJ’s fault
I’m sorry, JAH’s ridiculous story has more holes than the Rise Of The Skywalker plot.

He states in one sentence that he ordered many of them in case “some” didn’t come. Then he ordered so many that he could redistribute them to others.

Which was it?

To be honest, does he forget the number of pre-orders and believe he happened to find multiple families and neighbors buying spares?

This would cost him thousands of pounds and he would have had to promise to spend before the machine was delivered.

The story and the photos that accompany it come across thinly obscured trollings that don’t really look good.

Edited highlights
I’m not the only one who thinks more “look at me” in the JAH letter in my inbox on Monday. See how wonderful I am! I’m proud of it. So you bought 7 consoles. The reason you are telling people is beyond me. Waiting for the popcorn and candy inbox on Tuesday.

I’ll do it again
So I see my Monday letter definitely putting a cat in a pigeon on the PlayStation 5s. Yes, I’m still wearing a tin helmet since yesterday. I knew that the underbox comments would be split into 50/50 in 7 consoles. What I didn’t explain was the amount of comments I actually received. I think it was well over 100 the last time I looked at the comments section (and I think 90% was just my letter). And yes, I slept well last night in case someone was worried.

Many of the comments I received on board, especially from regular contributors. I never said whether it was right or wrong, I was telling your readers what happened to me on the release date for the PlayStation 5.

I have never intentionally written a letter to offend or offend someone. That’s the last thing I wanted to do. And if I upset someone, I can only apologize to them. sorry. (Everyone wants to like it, right?) Still, when I have my photo as a headliner with a caption, “That’s where they all went.” I said it was a bit of a prank on the GC on your side. Did you think?

But it was definitely a good headliner to get a Panther. Personally, after all, it’s everyone, and as I said before, I slept like a log last night! So what if someone wants to know the question if I could go back in time and I would do the same again? The answer is heartfelt, yes!

GC: This will veil the entire subject before everyone gets too angry.

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Sony skyscraper
That moment was here for me, and the next generation of future games began.

I received an email on Friday morning stating that the PlayStation 5 will arrive today. This was a big surprise to me as I expected it to be next week at best. Anyway, how big is this Sony skyscraper? It’s much bigger than I originally expected, and heavier than the PlayStation 4.

The games I play are Bugsnax, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Astro’s Playroom, and Spider-Man Remastered. Spider-Man’s games are truly amazing, from subway vibrations in DualSense to keyboard inputs, amazing soundtracks, and stunning visuals from snowflakes to ultra-realistic sunshine and reflections. Insomniac is worth tapping your back with new hardware.

Bugsnax is an easy game and catching all the weird bugs isn’t too serious. It was great to scan, trap and net these creatures. There’s a good way to use DualSense – pulsing and catching really feels real and great for kids.

Astro’s Playroom-Well, this game is really great, even if it’s just a tech demo. When walking towards the adaptive trigger, start with the weakest DualSense tap. When hovering is crossing the bridge, it’s a joy to feel and the sound is impressive. From mud, sand, ice, wind clouds to raindrops on your head, the surface feels unique. Also, great fan service if you like Sony products.

The game has a lot of ideas reminiscent of Super Mario 64 and Galaxy games, but it feels like a step up. Sony is playing Nintendo games.

Overall, this is my best console launch since the N64 and the first use of the Rumble Pak that was really special. We hope all developers will take advantage of the DualSense pad as it is truly groundbreaking.

Also run inbox
Do PlayStation 4 and 3 cables work on PlayStation 5? So, after all, it’s backward compatible.

The Capcom mini arcade is very strange. Why go to all that question and then put only Street Fighter 2 and some random Mega Man games on it? Who on earth connects Rockman and the arcade?

This week’s hot topic
What impressed you most with something in the next-generation console on this weekend’s inbox topic?

It could be the console itself, a game, a controller, or a service or feature that didn’t exist in previous generations. What is the most encouraging future for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S? What is the reason?

Do you think the new console makes a better impression at this stage of life than the previous format, or do you think it’s disappointing so far? What do you hope for in the near future (next 6 months or so) and in the long run?

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