Game Inbox: How good is a PS5 exclusive game?

Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apartment-The best of future monopoly? (Photo: Sony)

As one reader is angry with the ending of a non-interactive video game, Wednesday’s inbox describes an alternative game of this generation.

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Reduced excitement
In case someone misses the note, there are no major new inventory shipments at Christmas, and it’s still impossible to get a PlayStation 5 at regular prices. I’m still going to do that, but this gave me time to sit down and think about it, more specifically the game.

It’s a good launch lineup and anyone who opposes it is crazy, but I started to worry more about the rest of it. Sony hasn’t given me any reason to get excited about Destruction All Stars or Returnal yet. Also, Horizon Forbidden West is a PlayStation 4 game, as is the new God Of War. With the exception of Gran Turismo 7, which I’m not interested in because I don’t like to drive games, it’s from a big monopoly point of view.

We are beginning to see what Japanese gamers are angry about with the PlayStation 5 lineup and its games. I’m excited about ratchets & cranks. If you had a console you would definitely get it, but the rest, at least not yet excite me. The influence of the United States is so great that you can’t imagine a large budget adventure game (or a little weird game) from Japan or a European game.

Obviously better than the Xbox. You would have to have a negative exclusivity to make it worse, but suddenly it’s starting to look a bit less exciting than it did.

Impressive upgrade
I managed to put the Xbox Series X in my bag during the strange week from Christmas to New Year. It’s an incredible kit I’m enjoying, with super fast load times, crisp graphics, and great sound quality.

I played only one new game, Cyberpunk 2077, which I got for the Xbox One S at Christmas. Its version is like playing a PlayStation 3 game, clean it up until you get the Series X, pop it into the Series X, and you’ll see what you can do with this machine right away.

I launched Mafia 3 and it wasn’t the best game, but I like it. The difference between the games was amazing. The level of detail and sound quality are unprecedented.

I am happy with the incremental upgrade. If that makes sense, do you feel like you’ve upgraded your phone?
Cheech762 (Gamertag)

Fluid list
I really enjoyed the top 20 games of the generation articles. I may have personally included some others, but it’s hard to discuss at least one of the 15 inclusions I’ve played.Well, except maybe

Uncharted 4 found a little one-note slogan in addition to incredible graphics and production value. Both Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian are arguably flawed, but far more sympathetic to me in terms of both gameplay and storytelling. Horizon Zero Dawn in particular was a big surprise to me for this generation. I’m not a fan of Ubisoft-style open worlds in general, but the variety of battles, intriguing stories, and settings have greatly enhanced it. Also, unlike many other AAA games of this generation (including Uncharted 4), I feel that these two games haven’t exceeded the welcome.

Anyway, it talks a lot about the outgoing generation that you can easily exchange at least half of the game and still have a staggering and fairly diverse list. Overall, I think this is the generation of story-driven / third-person action-adventure games (there were few first-person games on the list), but more and more innovative indie gems have emerged.

Have you ever played the Top 20 GC of the PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 generation? It would be interesting to go back and compare.

GC: No, I don’t think so.

Local talent
Are you still a little confused about the criticisms of the PlayStation 5 launch in Japan? Are Japanese gamers really happier with Japanese-made FIFA than American-made Demon’s Souls? The lack of a Japanese translation in revealing an event that I can understand as a problem, everything else feels like it comes from conservatism.

I enjoy all kinds of games in different countries (not too few choices!), But most Japanese gamers play Japanese games created by Japanese developers on Japanese consoles. Are you saying you just buy?

I think the increasing availability of superior mobile smartphone games, which have always been favored in Japan, is likely to be the driving force behind the gradual decline in demand.
Matt (he_who_runs_away – PSN ID)

GC: Yes, most Japanese gamers are mainly interested in games made in Japan. This is not surprising given how much local developers serve and Western companies don’t spend too much effort on translation. They already have a Japanese version of FIFA, which is called PES.

Wait again
So, looking at the preview of this year’s game, it looks like there’s a little treat in the form of Disgaea 6 at the end of the month. But I don’t think so. The trailer suggests a summer release, and Amazon will tell me the date of June 22nd. For Switch version. I don’t even see the PlayStation 4 options. Still.

This is also the same. No matter how boring Kiria is, I pass 5 again. It probably still has probably the most quality of life improvements.

Anyway, what do you think of Disgaea 6 at this point? Zedd looks like a major step up from Sir Kiljoy. I’m not sure about 3D models, but it’s a lot more special.

Disgaea used to be so detained that they are now really crazy about the numbers. I know I don’t have time to do much or any of the post-game content, but let me confess now. I have never reached Baal (the true final boss). The game I played. Like Marjorie in the first game, it has many of the later characters, but Baal? Even at high levels, my stats can be horribly dwarfed by enemies that seem to be able to defeat me, as I don’t even reborn so much. At least on paper.

Disgaea is 18 years old this year, enough to buy liquor. You might try a retrospective exhibition in the warmer months.

GC: It seems to be late again, and now it’s just down as “summer”.

Restricted access
I hope someone can help me. I’ve been a member of EA Access since it was launched on PlayStation 4, and annual membership generally works pretty well for me. I didn’t have to buy FIFA historically (I tend to be with friends, so 10 hours is actually enough for each version!), But since I had a little more time this year I decided to buy a physical copy of what I saw, which is pretty cheap on Amazon for the purpose of using the free PlayStation 5 upgrade.

When you insert the disc, the PlayStation 4 content will be installed as a full game, but the PlayStation 5 content will remain a 10-hour trial. This doesn’t always work, even though it’s about 6 hours left. Usually, something goes wrong and “time is running out.

I first sent a message to EA. He has my option to cancel the EA Access subscription (no refunds for the remaining months of the subscription and lose access to other games), wait until sorted, or have Sony take a look. was. I sent an email to Sony PS Support from the website a month ago and sent a number of messages on Twitter using the @askplaystation handle, but I haven’t received confirmation of the message yet.

As a result, you can’t play the PlayStation 5 version of FIFA at this time, but in theory you have a copy with a sticker on the box stating that you have access to a trial version and a free upgrade. .. Has anyone else had this experience? Or do you have any ideas for who to contact to actually get a response? I really enjoy consoles other than this issue. This is especially frustrating given that no one seems to be able to get a response.

Thank you in advance!
codename8ball (PSN ID)

Remake time
I’ve just finished reading the 2012 article on the HD downloadable version of TimeSplitters 2. I’m a big fan of Time Splitters games. These games provide me with comfort during difficult times, which gives me a lot of nostalgia (for one of my parents’ divorces), what this looks like, or what it looks like. I really want to see it, so I was wondering if I knew where to get more information about this! Who knows, maybe it’s on a hard drive somewhere!

Anyway, please respond, I really want to talk here, this game series is a cult classic and I believe in it, as opposed to what Crytek clearly believes according to the article all over the world It is loved by millions of people.

GC: There is no official confirmation yet, but the new remake was teased a few months ago.


Final cutscene
I just finished Far Cry 5 and I think I really enjoyed it, but the ending annoyed me because I couldn’t hit the last boss on my face. No. There was a drug shootout, but after the car chase, it faded into the cutscene and the really strange future outlook of the main character, Luke. Far Cry 3 had the same problem, Vaas kidnapped and tortured you and your friends, and then killed your brother. How did you achieve revenge? At a quick time event, he turned out to be the first or second boss, not the last boss.

My problem is that there is no reward. You have been hunting these guys / girls for 20-50 hours between side missions and collectibles, but there are no releases. Batman: I felt the same with Arkham Knight. After the horrifying stealth tank section, I was really looking forward to yanking out and hitting the deathstroke, but it was denied in the cutscene. Why do developers afflict us?

Anyway, Far Cry: New Dawn, is it worth the trip or leave it? Also, is there a non-interactive ending as well?

Thanks, I hope everyone has a better year than the last’terrible year.
Bob wallet

GC: Given your reaction to the end of Far Cry 5, you probably don’t like how Joseph is treated in New Dawn. Also, it’s almost not good.

Also run inbox
If Disney really wants to mine video games for ideas, I demand that Kyle Katarn be featured next season in Mand! I could also see it actually happening.

Hyrule Warriors: Obtained Age Of Calamity. I’m glad I got back to work …

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