Game Inbox: Is Demons Soul Too Difficult for a PS5 Launch Game?

Demon’s Souls-Too Difficult for Launch Games? (Photo: Sony)

Tuesday’s inbox tries to understand Facebook’s self-destructive Oculus Quest 2 policy as one reader is stuck in Crash Bandicoot N. Theintrilogy.

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Difficult choice
I pre-ordered the PlayStation 5, but gave up canceling it. But my next dilemma is which game to get. Spider-Man: Miles Morales seems easy. Devil May Cry 5 is also cheaper than average, so I’m thinking too. But the big question for me is Demon’s Souls.

I’m interested in it because it’s the biggest and most complete game and the graphics look great, but the reputation of being rock hard in the series really disappoints me. I’m worried if I have the ability, patience, and time to get over it.

As we all know, these games aren’t cheap and Cyberpunk 2077 will be available on the same day. I’ve saved money for this, but I don’t want to waste money on things I don’t really enjoy or play with. Can the GC or someone provide advice? At least I’m sure I’ll get a digital copy for trade-in, but I feel this will be cheaper pretty quickly, which also puts me off.

GC: The original was very hard and was about the same as the original Dark Souls. I can’t say how much the remake has changed, but I get the impression that it’s not that easy.

Not enough irony
I find it very difficult to understand why Facebook is doing its best to ruin one of the best VR headsets.

Everything that requires a Facebook account, is in good condition, and links purchases to that account can be suspended on a whim, or your purchase can be lost if you delete your account. There are too many controls.

They have almost all the metrics right, then muddy the water and claim it’s good for consumers. We’ve seen this kind of thing before and know how it ends: terrible.

Facebook and Oculus are turning from a mass victory to a public relations catastrophe. They now need to make account linking an option and keep all purchases separate from everyday social media. People who wear headsets and mumble in the previous room aren’t too worried about what they look like in a news feed.

Isn’t Don Matrick running Oculus lately?

GC: It’s crazy. I warned in the review, but at that point we were worried that it might be too cynical …

20years later
My son was playing an improved Crash Bandicoot game and was stuck at one of the levels. In my arrogance, I thought, “I’ll show you how it’s done.” Things didn’t go as planned. I gave up after a while because I was dissatisfied with one of the sections of the early level high jump box, which would return to the beginning if the jump was timed incorrectly.

I completed the game when I was a teenager, but now in 20 years (sob), I’m struggling with one of the early levels. Was the game so relentless at the time, or was my patience and skill significantly reduced?
Alex Kazam

GC: Yes, it has always been very punished. You probably had more time to practice than that and had little else to do.

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Variable price
Recently, after sending the Switch Joy-Con to Nintendo for repair, I saw an invoice with different amounts for each Joy-Con due to a well-known drift issue. The most expensive is the jaw that drops £ 26.03! It’s basically the price of the new Joy-Con.

After Nintendo finally realized and the CEO apologized for the drift issue, I got the impression that Nintendo was repairing Joy-Con for free, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case in the UK.

What is your advice in this situation?
Jameis Winston Baker

GC: I don’t know what’s going on because some readers claim it was repaired free of charge, even outside the warranty period.

Deliberately unpopular
Have you ever run a hot topic about “What is your opinion on an unpopular game?”


Bethesda is garbage
I didn’t really care about Microsoft buying Bethesda. Bethesda creates very long, buggy, boring, unfinished games and relies on fans and the mods community to complete the games.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is garbage
Breath of the Wild is set in a post-apocalyptic world where society has collapsed due to the inability to make unbroken weapons and tools in three swings. It removes the best of Zelda (dungeon) and replaces it with an empty world that takes time to go everywhere and a general story that has already been rehashed a hundred times.

I’m sure you and the majority of your readers agree with me!
CarrotCakeIsYum (PSN ID)

GC: That’s not a bad idea. I don’t know who will play the Zelda game for the story.

No comparison
I’ve read a lot of comments on this website about how great the game pass is and why Sony doesn’t have an answer / can’t afford to do the same.

You’d be surprised if you just wanted Google to enter “PS Now” for everyone who had written such a thing. However, if you do, please be aware that I justify that typing “Google” in Google may disconnect the Internet.

It’s tempting to say that PS Now isn’t as widely known as GamePass because it has some of the real good games that Sony advertises, but Microsoft has nothing else to say about GamePass. I’m always banging. I want to say not only to ignite the comment section up and down the sea of ​​partisan thumbs, but also because it is true.

Keep up the best fight and you are my favorite video game website.
Dan (grimwar85 Gamertag / PSNID)

GC: Thank you very much. But PS Now is just the shadow of what the Game Pass offers. All first-party exclusives (currently including Bethesda) are available on Xbox, but Sony wants to purchase these games separately, with its own approval.

Better than never late
At least initially, Sony’s wise move to make Destruction All Stars the PS Plus title. I would like to know when they decided this. So moving from a £ 70 launch game to a subscription giveaway is a huge leap forward.

At some point, they probably didn’t want to pay £ 70 for a game that people hadn’t heard of, and realized that it didn’t seem to show off the power of the PlayStation 5 in an obvious way, and it frankly Didn’t you look so good? So what did they do well to get there in the end, but what were they thinking?

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Wild samus
Completed The Mummy Demastered after getting it on the current PSN sale. It’s common, but it’s still a very fun Metroidvania and has a pretty nasty soundtrack. I think Guacamelee is still my favorite Metroidvania. I really like the way the expanding move set is incorporated into the level design. The latter half of the game had some great platform sections where you needed to stitch together the movements you learned in the game. I felt a bit smarter than the average Metroidvania where the upgraded movements seemed to just access new parts of the map.

I was also made to think about Metroid Prime 4. As much as I like the Metroidvania format, I hope Nintendo mixes it a bit with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I remember I liked the idea of ​​the Metroid game when the game was released. In the Metroid game, you won’t be stripped of your weapons at first, but you’ll be able to explore the entire solar system, holding everything and designing entirely around all of Samus’ abilities.

I think that’s why Breath of the Wild isn’t immediately duplicated by anyone. The breadth of toolsets and how they influence the game world is truly amazing. Upcoming Immortals: You can pay homage to styles and structures like Phoenix Sizing, but not many are as savvy as mechanics like Breath of the Wild. I think the Immortals look pretty good, but I say.

The game is great. Don’t give up your kids, even if Sony is clamoring for £ 70 for first parties only.

Inbox too-Run
Oh, thank you for being able to play terrible free mobile games via your browser! Thanks to Facebook Gaming, the savior of the industry! (I’m ironic, how much of these services do you need and why is each new service less attractive?)

I really hope that Marvel’s Avengers’ relative failure will be the final kick to the game as a service title, or at least the particular kind of head obsessed with endless repetition and shattering. And the game was boring the moment the story campaign was over, just wasting the world’s largest license.

This week’s hot topic
This week is Halloween, so what’s your favorite horror game ever on this weekend’s inbox topic?

Although less common than before, horror games are still being created, but which one do you like best and which one do you find most scary, whether they are the same game or not?

Many horror games have already been announced for the next generation, including Resident Evil Village, Medium, and Scones. What do you expect from them and the genre in general with the new console?

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