Game Inbox: Is Sony due to the PS5 Scalper?

Whose fault is this? (Photo: eBay)

Thursday’s inbox requests 4K TV recommendations with PS5 Xbox Series X, one reader plays Shadow Of The Colossus for the first time.

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Ignore the problem
So far, I have only purchased two consoles, the SNES and the Wii, on each release date. I usually avoid next-generation machines for months, as I still have a lot to play with the current generation. One of the benefits of doing this is to avoid the main pitfalls of early purchase: technical and physical hardware issues and high prices.

The darker side of humanity seems to have created new problems to add to the list in the form of scalpers. The tragic story of CrepChiefNotify members being able to put food on the table after being unemployed due to current events is not true given their timid bragging and ominous threats.

I’m not surprised by the story of human desires, but by the apparent indifference of Sony and Microsoft. They may not sell consoles directly, but certainly would they want to talk to a retailer to find out if they plan to put a botproof system on their purchase page?

After all, if you think someone who is paying at least twice as much money for a new machine is part of the problem, there is no doubt that you will spend less money on the game.

No guarantee
What does that mean as a purchaser of your consumer rights, as Scalpers all over the internet are bagging all stocks?

As I understand, and that’s very limited knowledge, is the vendor responsible for the warranty? If so, you don’t know if you want to pay the odds for the new product, so if something goes wrong with the product, no one may return it. For example, I’ve seen the Red Ring of Death.

Yes, is GC brewing a consumer storm?
Shambling registration

GC: Perhaps Sony and Microsoft will know what happened and will respect the warranty for the first few years, but that can’t be expected. We certainly don’t buy one from some lands on eBay.

Most criminals
Seriously, these scalpers can go to hell. Of course, it’s a situation they won’t lose. Even if they don’t sell at soaring prices, they can sell them for what they paid for.

But I wait. You don’t have to hurry. I may get it when they are freely available. Then I saved a lot of money for games and accessories, or anything else I chose.

Almost like a criminal.

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Don’t give in to hatred
I’ve always found it difficult to sympathize with the people who pay the fees Scalper demands, but this Christmas season was pretty unusual.

With the need for online shopping these days and definitely no choice this year, retailers can’t engage in a system that beats cretin to use bots to increase all inventory.

Having worked at a major electronics retailer many years ago, we had all the inventory in our branches and people came to the store. Then, of course, retailers tricked customers by forcing them to buy unwanted games and tat packages (this is part of the worst Pokemon junk I’ve ever seen). Was!) But we used our discretion on a regular basis to exchange bits, create pieces, always goodwill, and our customers will spend even more.

Now it’s all gone and one of the ugliest mess we’ve ever seen remains. One of my wife’s friends is desperately looking for a PlayStation 5 for his son, even though he told her that the chances of getting this side of Christmas are near zero. She’s out in town today, but I’m worried she might succumb to Scalper. This year, of course, so are many who want to make their children happy and give them what they really want.

So if you want to defeat these sneaky scalpers, the brick and mortar business that we seem to look down on these days has a purpose. Computer bots can’t stand outside the store with the purchase of a single console, they can control supply and are shared in a more equitable and equal way.

By the way, this time I remove the rosy nostalgia and keep pressing the refresh button of the Internet browser according to the times …

GC: The chances of getting a PlayStation 5 (or Xbox Series X) aren’t as dire as you might suggest. Most retailers will get at least another wave of inventory this month. It’s unlikely, but it can’t be ignored.

Upgrade time
My current 1080p Sony TV has multi-colored lines on the left side of the screen that never disappear, so I was wondering if GameCentral readers could recommend a new 4K TV for console games. My budget is around £ 1,200 and I’m waiting for January sales to be the best at an affordable price within my budget.

I want the following for TV:

  • 55 inches
  • 120fps
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Latest HDR standard
  • Low latency to play the game
  • To watch movies on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD
  • A screen that does not need to worry about screen burn-in

Connect PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PlayStation 5 (if PlayStation 5 is available). I was planning to get the TV from John Lewis or Richard Sound with a 5 year warranty. I would appreciate any advice.
Andrew J.
PS: Cave Story + is available for free at the Epic Games Store starting today at 4pm.

GC: We use Samsung Q80T (now Q90T) QLED. This is very satisfying and should almost fit your budget.

Incredibly impressed
With many years of wishes, I finally played “Wanda and the Colossus” with a remake … It was really fun. The sense of scale is really great. The colossus is nicely designed and there are some satisfying and innovative solutions to defeat them.

Ignoring a few moments, climbing is probably the best I’ve ever experienced in a game, and even Zelda: Breath of the Wild, scaling of moving beasts is endlessly exciting. I especially loved making a bold leap of faith from the aggro of your horse to a colossus.

The world itself is very beautiful and has a wonderful melancholy atmosphere that complements the theme of the story. I got some absolutely amazing photos while playing, and if it wasn’t almost completely spoiled, it would do one of my Eder’s photo features. Blue Point did a great job obviously.

It is no exaggeration to say that the game is not perfect. There were some frustrating moments in the control / camera, which was clearly the result of the original PlayStation 2 game, but it was still annoying. More importantly, despite the magical atmosphere of the game, I wasn’t emotionally connected to the story of Wander and Mono. The ending, which introduces external elements and some explanations, wasn’t very wise and undercut the minimalist approach for the rest of the game and fell pretty flat.

That’s my point, I think the last guardian is better. You can discuss the world of mechanics, stories, and games, but the real difference is Trico. The bonds I formed during the game are the closest to the game characters I have ever felt. There was a moment of emotion between Wanda and the Colossus, but nothing came close to the emotion I was seeing in Toriko’s eyes. The Last Guardian is criminally underrated and I think it should be considered one of the best games of its generation, if not ever.
Ryan Odd
PS: Do you have any words about Fumito Ueda’s new game? We hope that Epic Games funding will help create something special.

GC: Have you played Ico? The end of Wanda and the Colossus will probably mean more to you if you have one. There’s no new news from Fumito Ueda since March, but it’s not as secure as Epic Games, which is rich in cash.

Upgrade path
I’m not sure if this has already been posted, but many have heard that there is a problem getting the free PlayStation 5 upgrades for Assassin’s Creed Valhara and Watch Dogs Legion.

I had the same problem and followed Ubisoft’s instructions but was unlucky.

Then I removed the external PlayStation 4 hard drive and tried to install the PlayStation 4 disc version of Valhalla directly on the PlayStation 5, but the option to download the free PlayStation 5 version of the game was available.

This also works with Watch Dogs: Legion.

I hope this helps someone.

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Unjustified accusation
It’s no exaggeration to say that people don’t really enjoy the Call Of Duty single-player campaign. It’s understandable as it basically follows a straight path and picks up enemies in the distance while the screen explodes and becomes spiritual. Go anywhere.

Why are developers just … not doing better? I know it’s an underestimate in making games, but I don’t know why developers just can’t loosen it in terms of design. They can make the story more humorous (probably a homage to the cheesy 80/90s action films), give them the opportunity to work on their goals in different ways, making them bigger and more practical, guns / Something similar to GoldenEye 007, Metro Exodus, Wolfenstein: The New Order, etc., such as tweaking and upgrading equipment.

They spend a lot of money on apparently flashy set pieces, but were able to focus on fleshing out the campaign. Multiplayer is Call Of Duty’s bread’n’butter, so there isn’t much risk. As long as you have enough footage of the explosion to make the trailer look cool, it will involve old fans, but it can win single fans. -Players who like 14 hours of games that are good for getting stuck.

GC: It doesn’t seem fair to say at all. The campaign has been popular for over a decade and there was a lot of confusion when one of the games didn’t have a campaign. But it seems no exaggeration to say that you are not enjoying them.

Also run inbox
Why doesn’t Nintendo call console bundles game packs?

GC: It was the name of the cartridge, not the console bundle.

The other day I saw the PlayStation 5 passing CeX for £ 850. Today’s price has dropped to just £ 815 …

GC: Did you pay £ 850 to see the PlayStation 5 where you can walk?

This week’s hot topic
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Imagine being able to clear your mind of playing the game in question. Please tell me which one you chose and why. Is it just your favorite game, or is there something about it? Perhaps an amazing plot twist and lack of general reproducibility-will you want to experience it anew?

Are you worried that your hobbies may change or your video games in general may not be what you like the second time?

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Games Inbox: Blaming Sony for PS5 scalpers, Assassin’s Creed PS5 upgrade, and Call Of Duty campaigns

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