Game Inbox: What is the best video game for Christmas?

From Merry Christmas, uh … Kurt Russell? (Photo: Michael Gibson / Netflix / Kobal / REX)

On Thursday, a reader gave up on the PS5 and upgraded his PC, disappointed with the story of Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity.

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Please Note: This will be the last inbox of the year, but as always, we’ll have plenty of content during the Christmas and New Year breaks, so stay tuned. The first inbox in 2021 will be Tuesday, January 5th. Return to normal service. Merry Christmas and New Year Happy New Year!

Christmas presents a problem
“So this is Christmas, and what did you do?” Well, I was sitting mostly playing video games. This is a familiar complaint that most people in the world imagine this year (I wonder if everyone will be completely fed up with the game by the end of the pandemic, or will they be addicted forever).

I’m not there yet, but I’m actually a little upset because I don’t really have a game to play this Christmas. Given what happened with Cyberpunk 2077, I’m glad I waited for the review, but what else? This year’s Call Of Duty sounds unexploded, I didn’t like Assassin’s Creed, and Nintendo hasn’t released anything new.

The only option I can see is the immortal phoenix sizing that I think I might choose because it’s cheap now, but Knockoff Zelda’s idea: Breath of the Wild doesn’t fill me with a lot of excitement. Hmm. Well, I would just get drunk and have to eat a lot as a backup plan. Good things for everyone! Merry Christmas!

Familiar face
The top 10 2020 charts in the UK, US and Japan have very interesting clichés. Britain is crazy about soccer, the United States likes shooting, and Japan likes strange cute things. So … it’s more complicated than that, but it seems to be pretty well organized.

I always find these charts a little depressing. That’s because, perhaps, just as most people reading this do, most people are revealing ways to really care about video games. The charts are always the same 3 or 4 games (FIFA, Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, GTA) and there are many from last year. that’s all. None of the interesting things are usually mentioned.

I wish I could sell digitally in all countries or even in the UK. If boxed sales are only one-third of the total, the charts we get are pretty pointless.

Miserable storytelling
I don’t know why I really love Breath of the Wild, but despite the obvious warning signs, I ended up buying the era of Hyrule Warriors’ calamity … is that a bit bad? ?? I’ve played some Dynasty Warriors games before and I think they were better than them, but they’re all very jerky and badly crafted. It looks like a Nintendo game, but it feels the other way around.

I think the worst thing is that I wanted to make up for a decent gameplay, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a completely missed opportunity. Since it wasn’t the day before, I didn’t learn anything new about the world from the original, and there seems to be no hint about the sequel. This is also what I wanted.

Neither was promised exactly, so I have nothing to really complain about, but did you do these obvious things? If it was interesting, when it could save the game, the whole story would come across quite pointlessly as it is.

GC: Yes, the whole thing was a little wasteful. If there was a reference to Breath of the Wild 2, it was not clear to us.

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Comfort yourself with a PC
So, like many, I failed trying to get a next-generation console! My credit card company canceled my Xbox Series X order because I thought it was a scam I didn’t really care about (sarcastic given which new software was released). And when I tried to snap the PlayStation 5 on Amazon, my boss called me. I’m a big fan of FromSoftware, so I was enthusiastic, but if I fail, I have a chance.

My kid needed something a little more for school, so I needed to get a family PC. So I upgraded my PC purchase to include a Ryzen 7 processor, GeForce RTX 2070 Ventus GP, 16GB RAM, SSD, and a fan. It changes color (when did this become a thing?).

So what was I doing? Company Of Heroes, Rome: Total War, The Long Dark – Basic enough from a visual point of view, with few dedicated graphics, but the first two games were great and I always wanted to play .. And The Long Dark showed me how immersive it was to sit in front of a monitor rather than a few feet from the TV.

But beyond that, the price of the game! I received an email saying that Supreme Commander is £ 2.99. Is my PC backward compatible? Yes, of course – they are all! The other three, despite paying £ 8 to The Long Dark, which was free at Epic (!), Totaled less than £ 30, but are being used fairly.

Cheers and happy Christmas from long Digitiser fans.
PS: Do you have any tips for real-time strategy games that push graphics cards?

GC: For years there hasn’t been a decent new real-time strategy, but Command & Conquer remastering is very good, and the more modern Total War games are also good.

Not a penny
An interesting reading about GHA’s research on the impact of loot boxes on children. Thank you for the link as I was familiar with their website and read it well.

But what disappointed me was their conclusion that loot boxes are a form of gambling and should only be banned in games aimed at children under the age of 18. That’s wrong, they should be totally banned.

Leaving loot box opportunities in the games they want to play will allow them to access and use them. When I was working at an electronics retail store, there were many parents who wanted to buy Grand Theft Auto and more than 18 other games for their kids. It was ridiculous! It didn’t make any difference to explain it, but most of the time I got the impression that they bought it from elsewhere and claimed it was for themselves.

So let’s say FIFA still has a loot box and is making a lot of money for EA. Will they remove them and stop their source of income, or will they classify the game into 18? Well known that parents let their children play, regardless of the outcome of later life?

No, the only way to deal with this is through government intervention and I’m not a fan of the nanny state, but they are the only ones who can invalidate companies by law. Of course, this can lead to higher software prices and lack of features in UK games, but I want a complete game for money rather than half a game and a lot of microtransactions!

And while they were working on it, they were also able to deal with the mobile free play market. That’s even worse. Take a look at the Mario Kart Tour. Looks like Mario Kart 8. That’s all. Everything else is full of loot boxes, gold passes, and trash play mechanisms that are completely different from the original. If it’s like Mario Kart 8 and Nintendo charges £ 40 for it on my phone, I would say I’ll take my money. Currently, the answer is not one penny!

In conclusion, we will show favor to all of us, remove the loot box, and return to playing with skill and determination, and above all, fun and accomplishment. They are more valuable than any loot box on any day of the week.

Welcome update
Sackboy: A Big Adventure recently updated on online co-op matchmaking and cross-play with PlayStation 4 and 5 users.

This is one of the best online experiences I’ve ever had, interacting with tougher enemies, teaming up, and finding some that are difficult to find.
Koyomiwa (PSN ID)

Ray prohibited
I’ve been using Control on my PC for quite some time and have been waiting for a suitable raytracing graphics card so I’m just getting used to playing it. Now that I have the RTX 3070, I’ve reached the end, and I think it’s … okay.

Don’t get me wrong. The controls themselves were, as far as I know, really very good with very original plots and scenarios, but what I thought was fine was real ray tracing.

Nvidia called this a big leap in gaming technology and the Holy Grail of computing, but what’s happening behind the scenes of the RT core coding and progress of Nvidia graphics cards is more impressive than the actual results. I think. The biggest problem I’ve found is that I need to keep raytracing off to understand what it looks like, and still I could see the difference, but exaggerated It wasn’t astonishing as the ads were trying to convince everyone.

While playing Super Mario 64, I didn’t have to keep browsing Super Mario World to see the leap between the two games. If you use a VR headset, you don’t have to remove it and keep watching your monitor / TV. You can see the difference.

I’ve seen ray tracing videos in other games and haven’t been very impressed, but the most prominent was the Minecraft RTX. I’m not a Minecraft player, but I knew what it would look like before I added raytracing. In that game, this new lighting technology made a pretty big difference, but there are doubts about the implementation of ray tracing. If Minecraft’s lighting model was good in the first place, it would have looked very dramatic in Minecraft.

I haven’t played Cyberpunk 2077, the latest game with ray tracing, and haven’t seen any videos to avoid spoilers, but some people find ray tracing great, and it’s almost different. Some people don’t understand. ..

Another problem people face with ray tracing is its impact on performance. This isn’t too surprising if you’re trying to push the boundaries of technology, but at this point it doesn’t seem worth the purchase. A new graphics card (or console) dedicated to ray tracing.
Psilly Pseudonym
Currently playing: Control (DLC) and Overwatch

Also run inbox
Merry Christmas, GC and its readers. He overcame such a difficult year and made everything go smoothly. I hope the situation will improve soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Nevertheless, it was a pretty good year for the game, and that’s at least something.
Purple Ranger

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