Game Inbox: What’s the best PS5 game to come?

Horizon Forbidden West – Are you looking forward to it? (Photo: Sony)

Monday’s inbox has other payment tips The Xbox Game Pass is like a reader telling a strange story about an abandoned next-generation console.

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Advance warning
Returnal, an interesting weekend reader feature, is a game I rarely registered (and I wouldn’t have remembered the name without it). If that’s not good, it’s chosen by Xbox fans, and vice versa, Sony fans agree to use it as proof of PlayStation’s superiority. Unfortunately, even if it’s somewhere in the middle, it’s considered negative.

Looking at the list of upcoming PlayStation 5 games, I’m having a hard time getting excited about one of them in advance. This is very different from being potentially uninterested when approaching a release and having a good review.

But Ratchet & Clank has never been interested in me, no matter what it looks like. The Horizon Zero Dawn felt good, but it was no exception. The God of War was great, but it’s hard to feel anything about it because I don’t know anything about the new game and I don’t know the proper name.

Maybe it puts more pressure on returns than I thought, but hopefully if it works, it encourages Sony to create a new IP, as that’s the aspect I’m most interested in. I will. Better.
Purple ranger

Sony PlayBox: Microsoft Edition
RE: Theoretical game changer. Microsoft designed this system using a browser for mobile phone game passes and mapped parts of the game with touch controls. This is fine for some games, but there are concerns that console games may lose control and become easier to use on mobile phones. Aside from that, there’s no reason, of course, that Game Pass games should theoretically not work perfectly on the PS5.

Unfortunately, how do you actually command the game while it’s fully functional? Being streaming, the PlayStation 5 controller will effectively send signals to the Microsoft server, but of course it won’t recognize them. Of course, you still have the possibility of trying to use an Xbox controller, hoping to bypass the PlayStation 5 altogether and work with the streamed signal. I rather don’t think it works. Even if it is done, if it is found, the warranty will definitely be voided.

I was disappointed to see Sony planning more monopolies as it only reduces consumer choice. Of course, maintaining overall quality can be difficult, so the strategy is double-edged. Others wonder how much monopoly the market can support without interrupting their sales.
John A

Format hopping
I bought two PlayStation 5 and two Xbox Series S on the release date. PlayStation 5 and Xbox for my son, and PlayStation 5 for myself.

My son lost interest in the PlayStation 5 within a month and sold it (he didn’t sell it for profit, I might add). He returned to his PlayStation 4 because he felt it didn’t have a decent game to justify its existence.

His Xbox series has also been forgotten and hasn’t been used since Christmas. Again, for the same reason as the PlayStation 5, I’m back on the Xbox One.

He was quite bored with the Game Pass and spent more time researching the game than actually playing it. It’s almost the same as you do on Netflix!

Anyway, on my birthday in March, I decided that I wanted a gaming PC, so I was adopted.

I jokingly bought him a PC. And now he’s spending his time playing Minecraft on a £ 1,000 machine. And I’m just playing SNES here with my youngest and better looking graphics.
Currently playing: James Pond 2: RoboCod and Goof Troop

GC: If you own an Xbox Series S, whether you have a new game or not, why use an Xbox One?

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The ultimate snack
I’m reading my inbox about paying for Game Pass Ultimate using Microsoft Rewards points, but there’s another way.

I got a small can of 85p because Pringles has a promotion of chances to win an Xbox Series X every time I buy a Pringles tube.

If you can’t win, you’ll get a week’s worth of Ultimate code.

You can redeem two codes for each household, but you can always give the number on the bottom of the can to someone else who can redeem it. I donated what I didn’t eat to the food bank.

Share and learn
Just want to thank Inbox / Underbox for helpful Microsoft Rewards tips and the GC community will help you get the information.

The most helpful thing was to learn that points have no expiration date, but redeemed vouchers have an expiration date. You can also give points to your account by setting up a family group.

No change
Thanks to GameCentral for posting the reader features on the site since 2014. It was about a 30-day PSN ban on the PlayStation 3 days.

The reason I thank you is because I saw someone else having problems with other PSN players and being banned. My article popped up when he went looking for help with his problem.

After reading the latter reader’s feature, it’s shocking to see that nothing has changed regarding Sony’s sadness reporting system. 6 years!!

It’s still audible and so wrong that the first reporter gets another banned person, regardless of whether the reporter was originally wrong!

After playing a pile of PlayStation 3 games and buying what’s on my wishlist, I later sold the console and never came back.

I never got a PlayStation 4, PS Vita, or PlayStation 5 to return to the statement at the end of each article. Instead, I did “return to Nintendo.” I missed the Wii U, got the new 3DS XL and now owns the switch.

Oh, I’ve never reaffirmed the player who was having problems …
Leigh Dappa

Sounds expensive
GC, you might be able to answer this, or a GC reader, but I just went out to the Currys PC World and bought a Samsung Q50T Dolby Atom soundbar and rear speakers. Now I know that the Xbox Series X supports Dolby Atom, but PlayStation 5 doesn’t support it at this time. Going out and buying an Xbox Series X for some games that support it isn’t worth it at mo’, but as soon as the Xbox Series X begins to beat the game.

But if Sony wants, can they support it with a simple update, or does it have to be a PS5 Pro when they come out? I’ve watched football / movies on the Dolby Atmos Sky, and it’s really great, and it would be great if it was supported in the game.

GC: As far as we understand, that’s mostly when you pay Dolby a license fee, but we’re not a healthy expert, so leave it to someone else to confirm.

Dead game
It’s interesting to see the story that Sony is now Sauron in the gaming industry. I understand why people were bothered by the closing of the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita game stores, but only after my first reaction passed … (two dead consoles online store) Who cares?).

But I was nervous and thought that given the effects of the pandemic, people must be dependent on older machines and games than usual.
Those who are still playing games on those machines, and I’m just unaware!

I think my view of games over the last 35 years is not to look back, but to always look forward to new consoles and new games. I think this is one of the reasons for the Game Pass, which is of great value to many, but has never been really appealing to me.

Sony seems to have made a decent U-turn when the store closed, due to people’s reaction, which is certainly a good thing. It shows that they are at least flexible enough to accept feedback and are not made entirely of arrogance … maybe.

As far as the lack of a message from Sony is concerned, I didn’t notice much until I saw people talking about it here. In the mysterious magic of Ianland (where I live), I had the view that there was a pandemic. There are fewer new games than I would like, but the world isn’t in the usual place, so I’m very happy to wait and see what’s what. Regarding communication from Sony, I’m happy to talk to the game and make my fierce judgment only after the game has arrived!

GC: More than that, people hate the idea that video games disappear empty every time a company shuts down a server.

Inbox is also run
I think I wrote about NFT madness in my inbox, so I found it interesting. Pet lock on the blockchain. Launched in 2017, tens of thousands of dollars worth of rock photos were traded during the NFT epidemic.


I’m sorry if this sounds like a really silly question. Do I need to register for a Game Pass first before claiming benefits? So is it not enough to just create a basic Game Pass account?
Alex Kazam

GC: We don’t actually use the Game Pass, but we’re confident that our readers will find it useful.

This week’s hot topic
This weekend’s inbox theme was proposed by reader Watson. Watson wants you to imagine a whole new fighting game featuring your favorite characters.

If you could create a fighting game featuring an existing character in another game, movie, TV show, or comic, what would it be and how would it work? Do you think it’s a real possibility and do you honestly feel it helps a good game?

You can include crossover ideas like Marvel Pairs. Equivalent to Capcom and Super Smash Bros., but use the character’s manageable roster and plausible movements and features to make your proposal relatively grounded.

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