Game Inbox: What’s the cheapest PS5 available today?

How much do you pay? (Photo: eBay)

Tuesday’s inbox wants Sony to fully embrace backwards compatibility as one reader wants a remake of Metal Gear Solid from Blue Point.

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Weak bargain
Like everyone else, I was pretty surprised at what was happening with the pre-order and the lack of stock of the new console. Especially on the Sony side, everything was really confusing, and most people had zero chances to get a pre-order, starting with the insane way of starting a pre-order without telling anyone.

Now all inventories have gone to these nasty scalpers, and they seem confident they will get everything else they come up with. And is Sony going to do anything about it? Not as far as I know. I don’t think they even commented on it.

I went to eBay to see how much the PlayStation 5 would cost. Aside from being lucky at the auction, the cheapest thing I’ve found is now to buy for £ 750. It’s pretty attractive because there were actually quite a few. It’s £ 300 more, more than half the actual price, but I’m seriously considering it.

I think I can afford it, but I feel like I’m crazy about hype, and with a little effort I think I’ll get it at the regular price next year. But I admit that I am weak.

who cares
If Phil Spencer is talking about some kind of coupon system for buying consoles, why doesn’t he actually do it? We’re four weeks from Christmas now, and the Scalper Group is buying up all the stock of new consoles and ruining their stuff every Christmas day. If Microsoft intends to do something, they need to do it now.

I think Sony is the same, but it doesn’t seem to pretend to care. There is no sign from them that they are even aware of the problem, not to mention that they are trying to do something.

Strictly speaking, they have their money. It doesn’t matter if a million people buy one console each or one million people, but do you really need to worry about what all of this looks like? I think it’s clear that no new console will be available this year. If this lasts for next year, it may be another person who is considering getting a gaming PC instead.

5th generation
I know it’s unofficial and probably very buggy, but the fact that people are running PlayStation 2 games on the Xbox Series X shows how easy it was for Sony if they really wanted to do it. is showing. I know they have some on PlayStation Now, but their approach is very half-hearted and doesn’t bother me.

I really don’t know why if they do it properly, they have a bigger advantage than Microsoft. Not only are they in business longer, they have more games, but their first-party games are much more loved. Well, don’t include PlayStation 5. Copying the game path is another matter, but why not include all PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 games? I don’t know why I might not be able to do that.

Having access to all PlayStation games, or at least all major games, means much more than all Xbox games, but Sony just ignores that opportunity. I hope they won’t regret it.

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Slow progress
In short, Forza Motorsport’s “trailer” seems to have been a simple, pre-rendered task that was knocked up to pretend to be working. Why am I not surprised?

The more we learn about Microsoft’s next-generation plans, at least in terms of games, the more they all sound like they’re sleeping at work. It’s been three years since the last Forza Motorsport, but is the 40-second CGI trailer the only team that has devoted itself to the series and hasn’t done anything even for Forza Horizon?

So what were they literally doing? They are taking the longest tea break in the world, or someone at Microsoft needs to do time and movement research as soon as possible.

True nostalgia
Crash Bandicoot 4 is introduced as an example of how people are buying games just for nostalgic hits as a countermeasure against readers who are trying to make Nintendo’s game successful purely because of nostalgia. I will.

The remake was a big hit, but despite being obviously just as good, the brand new sequel was a hot pot flash. Obviously, people weren’t interested in the sequel because they just bought the games they had already played for nostalgic reasons and Crash Bandicoot wasn’t a particularly good game (as I always keep). ..

This is not how things work at Nintendo. I don’t even know if so many people like Mario and his friends. They are not attractive, the game is attractive, and having the same character is more than just branding. It’s different from Crash Bandicoot, which is almost the only reason to play.

I generally don’t pay much attention to rumors, but this doesn’t seem to be negligible until some confirmation, and if true it will bring a good positive end to 2020. Seems to be a companion who dropped the god of war: Ragnarök rumors (very believable) state that the PlayStation 5 is getting a remake of Metal Gear Solid and the previously canceled Silent Hill (PT). ..

Both are scheduled for next year, with Bluepoint working with Demon’s Souls on Metal Gear Solid for three years, and Hideo Kojima agreeing to complete Silent Hill, which began before the unfriendly division with Konami. ..

I didn’t expect to see a PT after Konami tried to wipe out all the systems as much as possible, but that shows that money is talking and that Sony was involved in it. There is no doubt.

Keep in mind that Blue Point’s ever-growing pedigree could make Metal Gear Solid really special and did an HD remastered collection on the PlayStation 3/4. Therefore, it is a very familiar world to them.

These two and Horizon Forbidden West are really looking forward to this time of year.

GC: The variation of Silent Hill’s rumors has been going on for months, as is the story of Blue Point working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania and other half-dozen games. It’s usually a bad sign to continue this long without any evidence, but you’ll probably find something concrete at the Game Awards next week.

Good excuse
I want to go to Japan to see the Nintendo theme park. For obvious reasons, I don’t think it’s happening this year, but I’d like to promise to go to them in the end, as I’ve always wanted.

It may seem ridiculous to some, but to me it seems like the best catalyst to do many other things there. You can do more than go to the Olympics.

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Cheap GAAS
Marvel’s Avengers game has received a lot of criticism for the game as a desire for service. Well, I saw it at half price on the Xbox store, so I’m not interested in rinsing or repeat grind, so I decided to try it only with the campaign. Surprisingly, I think the campaign is really good, and I’m investing in the story and its characters. There are some next-generation performance upgrades, but they look great with high production value.

I read that there were a lot of technical issues at launch, so I’m very happy to wait for improvements and save some money in the process. I’m not always that patient, and the negativeness surrounding the game was definitely a factor.

It’s a shame they saw the game as a service route. That’s because with a more substantive campaign, we could have achieved much greater success without the invasion of multiplayer grinds. I think the Avengers’ relative failure is actually a good thing, as game fans may want it next time. Great single-player games can extend their lifespan by making more use of story DLC.

Publishers need to be aware that gamers don’t have much time to get Fortnite, Warzone, or Destiny. So why bother if they can’t make those games desperately better? (See Anthem!) Hope the failure serves as a warning. Developers can focus on creating great games instead of keeping up with the latest trends.

Also run inbox
I make predictions that Cyberpunk 2077 will be good, but not as good as The Witcher 3 and will be considered a mild disappointment. I base this on my bowel sensations only. I’m right, but I want to be 10 internet points.

I was surprised that Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War didn’t show up on Black Friday deals, did you think it was worse than usual? I think even Call Of Duty below Purper is bigger than anything else, but last year’s Modern Warfare definitely has a small discount. I think Black Friday has lost that magic.

This week’s hot topic
This weekend’s inbox topic was suggested by reader Stone Cold Steve Austin. He asks if he can go back and play one game again without any prior knowledge.

Imagine being able to clear your mind of playing the game in question. Please tell me which one you chose and why. Is it just your favorite game, or is there something about it? Perhaps an amazing plot twist and lack of general reproducibility-will you want to experience it anew?

Are you worried that your hobbies may change or your video games in general may not be what you like the second time?

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Games Inbox: PS5 eBay bargains, Crash Bandicoot nostalgia, and Forza Motorsport doubts

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