Game Inbox: When will the PS5 out of stock be resolved?

Will the shortage end forever? (Photo: Sony)

Thursday Inbox is fed up with the bloat of Assassin’s Creed and other open world games, as one reader has suggested making Purge: The Video Game.

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Take my money
Earlier this week, we talked about the PlayStation 5 mass shipment this month, but so far there’s nothing yet. Sure, I wasn’t up until 3am, but I still spent a lot of time updating and checking everything, including various sites and Twitter accounts. And there are no dice yet.

To be honest, there is enough. The out-of-stock may not be the fault of anyone, but I really hate the way Sony somehow completely failed to help. They don’t care if each one goes to Scalper, Microsoft barely gets better and only vaguely goes to help six months later. And still only in America!

I’m not going to pretend to boycott Sony or anything else. I want to play Returnal. When you receive a review, you’ll feel the same with Ratchet & Clank. A chore that gives Sony my money. Buying a new console shouldn’t be a full-time job. I’m happy to write down my name and wait for some time, but I can’t get my name this month at this rate. If not, I don’t know when.

You know a little
I have to say that I just defeated Resident Evil Village and it was fun. Yes, it’s not the best in the series, but I thought it was a lot of fun, and it wasn’t just a replay of the last one. I don’t think I can talk about it now because the ending is too early, but even if nothing is displayed, it implies that it will be quite different in the next game.

I hope the following are more scary. “That bit” made my skin crawl a little, but that was really it. I also thought the film director stripped him off at the last level with all the Borg-style enemies, but it was a bit boring because they all looked the same and weren’t too scary. So thank you to all the sissy I wrote to tell Capcom that I’m scared of Resident Evil 7!

I think it’s a good job overall. The 25th anniversary of the series had fragments that referred to most, or at least different styles, of different games. But I’m surprised they haven’t regained their cooperation yet. Given that the village wasn’t scared anymore, I thought it was a perfect moment, but it was probably too much for the previous generation version.

No gameplay time
It was clear that Ubisoft never switched formulas after Assassin’s Creed Valhara was a big hit, but I’m tired of all the bloating so I can say I can’t get anything next. .. Role-playing is fine in itself, but it is used to drag the game to 10 times its original length. I don’t care how beautiful the next scenery is, it’s boring.

Then, on the weekend Red Dead Redemption 2 Reader’s Feature, I started thinking about how boring the famous games were, especially in open world games. Is the game really not attractive and exciting, and is it going to potter somewhere and lose yourself? I think a lot of people are playing something like Call Of Duty for that, but Fortnite is just as messing around with quests as it is playing properly.

If they’re happy, they’re happy, but it’s great if not all games have begun to work that way, except that the better the graphics, the more weird tourist simulators turn into. Riding sims, horses, cores, tour buses, etc., rather than walking sims …

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Purge part 6
I’ve been thinking about this for years, but the final movie trailer has finally been released. It reminded me … why isn’t there a game based on purge? I’m a big fan of the franchise, and the fact that there are five movies and two seasons on the TV show shows that there’s an off-the-shelf fan base, so it’s an easy hit for the right developers. There is a possibility of becoming.

In addition, this concept is perfect for video games. Either a GTA / Manhunt sandbox type game or something I personally like. You might play with two different people in a story-driven action-adventure. Is one in favor of Purge, perhaps another in opposition, and the story finally linked in the Erie / Abisa Last of Us Part 2 style? The magic of your inbox makes it happen!
Lizard Durian

Unrelated adventure
Great news that zombies and ghoul patrols have been re-released, but still lacking Herc’s Adventure. This is another top-down LucasArts game that is far more popular than Ghoul Patrol and has a well-organized collection. So why? license? Doesn’t it fit the aesthetics of Campy Horror?

This is a frustratingly typical collection of games, with Contra’s nothing but the 8-bit and 16-bit era. Give me a definitive collection!

GC: Herc’s Adventure styles were similar, but not directly related to either game. Even if it came out cheeky in the same year as the Disney movie, it was the original IP, so it’s not a licensing issue.

Beautiful and boring
First, I agree with Red Dead Redemption 2 Reader’s Feature. The game has a sense of such a place and is probably the most beautifully realized, rich and detailed open world I have ever seen. But I could find Arthur’s dichotomy when exploring, and Arthur’s game forced me during the mission, breaking the senses of all agencies.

In addition, the story seemed to stick to making it clear enough where the game was heading. I gave up in about 15 hours and looked at the summary on YouTube to find out what happened. I think I protected myself from unhealthy boredom.

At least in GTA, you’re a disgusting character in the first place, and few are comfortable for everyone. It made it interesting, and catharsis for me because I can’t help playing a good person when I have the option.

Finally, thank you for the enthusiastic review of There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. It’s weird, weird, and confusing, but it’s a compliment. I enjoyed it very much and bought it for my friends.

GC: We always want to hear it. I’m glad you like it.

Main question
What’s confusing to me about the Gabe Newell report is what the kid expected when Valve asked if the game would be ported from Steam to the console. What kind of game? Half-Life: There is only Alyx. It’s a special case where it only makes sense to port it to a PlayStation VR.

Do you think Gabe asked the kids questions in advance and everything was performed? Did he certainly seem to bend down before answering it, as you said? The valve is very strange.

Your fault
I don’t like the sounds that focus on EA and Ubisoft’s free gaming business. I understood that, they are businesses and they have to chase money, but why is it always the usual suspect dragging things down to just a money-making machine? Does anyone in these companies care about or like games? If it doesn’t matter to them what their business is doing, run a bank or a fast food franchise.

However, only 26% of the money earned from game sales is shocking, and the other day we need to agree with the reader’s opinion that this is basically our fault. These companies are just businesses, they just provide people with what they want, what they want … is there a 0.05% chance of winning Pele in FIFA? No, I do not understand.

But I don’t know where to go from here. If Sony and Nintendo don’t give up and do the same, is there really a two-track gaming industry where one company is running microtransaction delivery services and the other is doing things more traditionally? It doesn’t seem very likely to me, but who knows?

Microsoft is suspicious because Forza Motorsport is already rumored to be a live service game, and earlier games had microtransactions that had to be removed when people objected. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could bring them back by using this as a testbed and perhaps freeing the game itself.

Inbox is also run
I want to play Pilotwings 64 again because I remember it was so good, but most of the time I just heard the Cool & The Gang celebration on the radio and one of the songs was a blatant lip-off. / I’m sure it was a tribute. ..
John Atkinson

Why do I need a lottery pilot scheme to buy a console? I’ve never heard of and have done it many times without the benefit of creating the console itself.

This week’s hot topic
This weekend’s inbox theme was suggested by reader Dolly asking for a game that he thinks is better than his reputation suggests.

It could be a game you like (or don’t think so bad) terrible, a game that is considered mediocre, or a game that is considered good but even better.

Do you tend to agree with game reviews and general consensus? Doesn’t it bother you at all? Are there any games that you thought were hated at first, but that your reputation has improved over time?

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