Game Inbox: Which older PlayStation games does Sony need to restart?

Want to see SOCOM come back? (Photo: Sony)

In Tuesday’s inbox, a reader is showing off what he’s earned from PSN sales, so he’s asking about games that switch genres along the way.

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Phoenix from flames
I liked Naughty Dog trying to draw a line under the Uncharted franchise, but I think it was inevitable that Sony would continue to do so. I wasn’t even thinking about the movie, and how it would make it even more unavoidable. And that story about a new studio refurbishing an old IP can be anything, but I agree that it’s almost certainly unknown. Otherwise, you will be really shocked.

But if that’s the purpose of this new studio, obviously Uncharted isn’t the only one coming back, so everything else should come back and do you think it will come back? The siphon filter is something I often mention, but unless they’re keen on stealth gameplay, I’m not sure if it really stands out today.

WipEout and Twisted Metal are possible, but ideally I thought I needed a more professional developer with a franchise connection. Same as above, Ape Escape. They can be very ambiguous with things like Kileak the Blood and Jumping Flash, which can turn into almost anything, but probably most likely after Uncharted. It will be SOCOM.

It’s not the most exciting possibility, and I think most people agree, but it’s always big in America and I’m surprised that it hasn’t come back before. Personally, I like Alundra, which can be fully functional if you follow Ubisoft when copying a modern Zelda, but with another kind of story attached. It doesn’t even ask for Colony Wars or G-Police. I think the possibility is zero.

Best From
I know I’m a few years behind this. I bought Dark Souls 3 on the Xbox Series S for £ 11.99 during the Christmas / New Year digital sale. This is probably the best £ 11.99 I’ve ever spent.

I’ve tried the From game so far – Dark Souls and Bloodborne – Dark Souls was too difficult and Bloodborne was great, but I couldn’t finish it …

Dark Souls 3 seems to be the best of both worlds. The battle adds Bloodborne fluidity and a shield guarantee from Dark Souls. It’s great, sometimes it’s savage, and at other times it’s like ballet. Design, artistry, combat, atmosphere.

For me, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Resident Evil 4 are one of the best of the best. It’s still difficult, as usual visceral combat, they just made it more accessible. I am currently at level 35 for about 20 hours.

Where do you rank the GC and which From game do you think is the best?

GC: Bloodborne is our favorite and in fact we have named it the second best game of all generations. Dark Souls 3 is definitely there, it’s between it and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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Switch to hitman
I’m currently trying to beat Hades and the Golf Story, but I’m still on a mission to win gold on all of GT Sport (before the 7 comes out, probably even if the PlayStation 5 is in 2022. It will not be available). I’ve always fantasized, but I’ve never tried a Hitman game.

What I really want to know is how to compare Switch versions. Is it exactly the same? Can you see / show the difference? Streaming doesn’t matter!

GC: The console is just a conduit, as it’s streaming, so it’s not really a Switch game in itself. At the moment we can only test PlayStation 4 and PC versions, but with enough broadband, the streaming version of Control seems to work.

Goldy Rock Racer
It’s always great to hear people like readers having a good time playing games find Dirt 5 out of the game’s slump. But to counter it with my feelings for the game, I realized it was really disappointing to my taste.

I was anxious for a good arcade racer and remembered that I was a big fan of Dirt 2 on the Xbox 360, so I got it on the Xbox Series X. Probably my favorite arcade racer ever. What I was disappointed with about 5 was the lack of traditional rally events that you can get in Dirt Rally.

There is no doubt that you will be asked to do Dirt Rally, but I tried it, but it looks like a sim, so I wanted an experience like Dirt Rally where regular rallies and events are mixed. Partly because of what I expected, I still found that all event types in Dirt 5 were about the same except for couples. Why not check out WRC9? Also, Sim.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Currently playing: Doom Eternal (PC) and Gorogoa (Switch)

Seriously funny
Can you add to the ardent praise of Immortals Fenyx Rising? Luckily I got the Xbox Series X and wanted a new game to test the new console. This is really a mixture of Zelda: the breath of the wild, the god of war, and the assassin’s beliefs. The bright colors used are excellent.

The story is decent and there are actually some laughs. I’m glad I bought it because I didn’t take it very seriously. A change from a super-real open world game! I also learned a little more about ancient Greece. This is also great. Keep up the great work GC.

Evolving role
In games, it’s very common to embark on a character journey. In a character journey, start with an unskilled beginner and become a powerful champion. The whole concept of leveling up a character and getting faster, stronger, and more proficient as it progresses is the basis of role-playing games and other genres.

These generally include not completely changing your role, but you becoming a better version of that character. Is there a “career” mode game that evolves to take on a variety of activities and responsibilities?

For example, in the first part of the game, you will consider you a basic soldier and fight in a first-person shooter. Then, as your career progresses, you will eventually become a general and deploy your entire battalion in real-time strategic style contests. Alternatively, you can start as an individual soccer player, play the game, shoot and pass well, then retire and move on to management and club ownership.

Obviously, these different parts are present in Divide The game, and the main challenge, seems to be a single game that is potentially made up of significantly different genres. But I think the satisfaction of seeing a story that really evoked the evolution of a person’s career is amazing. Is there a game that does this well?

GC: I can’t think of anything in the way you explain, but there are many games that switch genres as they progress. Taro Yokoo’s work on Drakengard and NieR may be interesting because his game is always full of surprising plot twists and gameplay changes. Or there is Spore. This is a collection of games that are barely connected, disguised as a single title.

Baby beauty
I agree with Gracle and Alec Kazam that Leon S. Kennedy is the best hero in the Resident Evil series, but the remake of Resident Evil 2 failed to warm up to “Baby” Leon.

I know he was obviously young, but he looked very unfriendly! We’re happy to be back with the more classic and masculine Leon in the Netflix Infinite Darkness series!

GC: Indeed, was lethargy always one of the hallmarks of Leon?

Savings for sale
There are no issues with back catalogs or additions, so save most of your game budget for the year-end PSN sale. This is your chance to buy the recently released Triple A game a little cheaper. Indie games aren’t very cheap. Also, if you don’t like it, you can usually try it at a price you won’t regret. It.

At the front of the Triple A, I got Cyberpunk 2077 (which was available on my PC for £ 34.99 with a CD key, which is very good on my PC even with bugs). Immortals Fenyx Rising (£ 36 – had fun 65 hours in this game); and 13 Sentinel: Aegis Slim (£ 33.49 – a little different for me).

VR games really enriched my game diet and got LA Noire: VR Case File (£ 12.49), Ghost Giant (£ 9.99), and Everybody’s Golf VR (£ 8.24). For those who are fed up with bloated triple A games, VR offers many great immersive short games at a reasonable price.

Indie / Something else, Ace Attorney (£ 13.49), Ace Attorney (£ 7.99), Huntdown (£ 15.99-not actually for sale), Steins; Gate 0 (£ 3.99), Celeste did. (£ 5.27).

Overall, the £ 30 gift voucher I received for sale on the Crimbo and ShopTo PSN wallet vouchers cost about £ 140 for 11 games. Considering that the three games are recently released list-priced games, accounting for 57% of the total, it’s not too bad. It’s the same price as a year’s worth of Game Pass Ultimate, but it emphasizes how good it is to me.

After all, (until the apocalypse and society collapse completely anyway. Until the apocalypse and society completely collapse. What I really like about post-apocalyptic games / movies is it in my favor? Is it really? Wouldn’t that be the case?) At the time of my choice, it’s more important than the clear value that Game Pass offers.

Still, apart from the highly anticipated games like Elden Ring and Hollow Knight: Silk Song, this year I’ll focus on the games I have. I’m still trying to get a PlayStation 5 around March / April due to the many performance boons of those games.

Also run inbox
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I just played Turtles in Time on the SNES and I can see that it’s completely radical and bold. I want to play Hyperstone Heist, but I don’t have much hope of getting it. fake.
John Atkinson

I’ve noticed that Cyber-Shadow is coming to the Game Pass. Would you like to review it?

GC: yes, I will.

This week’s hot topic
The subject of this weekend’s inbox was proposed by reader Gannet. What do you think is the most annoying cliché in the game?

The clichés are everything from gameplay mechanics (forced stealth missions) to game design (climbing the tower), moments of characters and stories (memory loss of Japanese role-playing games), marketing to voice over. It will be a thing.

Is it because the concept is overused, or is it because you didn’t think it was good from the beginning? Which cliché do you enjoy secretly and hope it never disappears?

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