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There was a lot of turmoil about the guts of the Xbox Series X and S, two new next-generation consoles that Microsoft will release next week. This is all “speed architecture” and “teraflops”. The technical thing Microsoft says is that loading times are significantly reduced. But jargon and lofty promises are secondary to one of the most important things: how fast these consoles run in the real world.

We have hands Weeks on Xbox Series X and S. I’m using X, Kotaku EiC Stephen Totilo uses S. Yes, it’s faster than Microsoft’s current generation of products. To illustrate how fast, we used the iPhone’s gorgeous internal stopwatch to see how fast popular games load on both current and next-generation machines.

In all cases, these games were loaded from internal storage rather than from an external drive. I also wanted to show how long it takes to reach the actual gameplay from the game’s dashboard app icon, not just from the main menu (or from the main menu to gameplay). In some cases, it meant tapping “A” to select the appropriate profile and turning it on from the “Continue” screen. Being an expert, I mashed the “A” as soon as possible, but it’s possible that a few milliseconds are still on the table. Anyway, this is what we found.

kait and delin gears 5

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On the final generation machines Gears 5 I was suffering from some terribly intolerable load times.It’s one of Some games that receive an “optimized” version For Series X and S, overall performance is improved. It also shows that there is a noticeable difference in file size between the two new systems (77.2GB for Series X and 55.1GB for Series S), which can reduce the time it takes to load small files. Now, this is the time it took to get the main menu. Here you can select the mode to play.

  • For Xbox One S: 1: 27.64
  • For Xbox Series S: 1: 17.72
  • For Xbox Series X: 1: 16.63

Isn’t there too much sunlight during these three times? But considering what it takes to load the gameplay, that’s a different story. From the Xbox home screen to Chapter 3 of Act 3 of the main campaign, the total time taken on different machines is as follows: (Note: I chose to continue the suspended campaign instead of creating a new lobby to form a new lobby.)

  • For Xbox One S: 2: 34.72
  • For Xbox Series S: 1: 38.35
  • For Xbox Series X: 1: 39.93

Shark in the sea of ​​thieves

screenshot: Microsoft

Sea of ​​Thieves Is another game that runs on 46.6 GB for Series X and only 17 GB for Series S, with different file sizes. Loading a menu that allows you to decide which mode to play was one thing.

  • For Xbox One S: 2: 03.71
  • For Xbox Series S: 45.00
  • For Xbox Series X: 35.13

But Sea of ​​Thieves It’s a variable game. It requires a connection and can affect how the session is loaded. There is also a factor in how the Internet is being swallowed.It’s sharing the internet with others (thanks to the demands of working from home), downloading other large games, and General neighborhood-to-neighbor volatility Of the internet in New York City. With that in mind, from a parity perspective, the time it took to close the crew and activate Adventure Mode on a galleon from the Xbox home screen is:

  • For Xbox One S: 5: 15.49
  • For Xbox Series S: 1: 18.54
  • For Xbox Series X: 59.95

When Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 It was released in September, so soon The best game for Xbox One.. Even better on newer machines, mainly due to the speed of loading. The time it took to enter the shredder after tapping the “A” on the game icon is as follows. Symbolic Warehouse stage:

  • For Xbox One S: 1: 21.51
  • For Xbox Series S: 28.36
  • For Xbox Series X: 35.30

Forza Horizon 4 Race on the next generation console. The time it took to hit the metal with the pedal after opening the game, listening to the familiar sultry greeting “Welcome back, chunks” is as follows: For those familiar with the game, we loaded near the central grounds of the Horizon Festival. (Also, Stephen may have made another choice Forza name. I didn’t ask. )

  • For Xbox One S: 2: 32.76
  • For Xbox Series S: 49.79
  • For Xbox Series X: 56.53

We started anew The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.. Here’s how long it took to sit on Kaer Morhen, the first accessible in the new location, after stopping on the dashboard: After the bathtub game. These saves used the save set from the beginning, so there were no cutscenes. (As if you could go through something The witcher 3 Cinematics within 1 minute. )

  • For Xbox One S: 1: 41.63
  • For Xbox Series S: 47.03
  • For Xbox Series X: 50.08

Even Xbox 360 games have a clear boost from next-generation technology.original Mass effectIs available through GamePass backward compatibility on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, but loads significantly faster on newer machines compared to the Xbox One.You can also take a closer look at its trademark green and white Xbox 360. woooosh.. Talk about throwback!

  • For Xbox One S: 59.39
  • For Xbox Series S: 44.09
  • For Xbox Series X: 44.85

Last month, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Said Kotaku Xbox Series S games may be loaded faster Than the Xbox Series X compatibles. Most of our tests Sea of ​​Thieves (This is supported by a variable galleon), which turned out to be the case, but only a few, seconds instead of minutes. When it comes to read speed, Series X and Series S have one more important thing in common. Overall, it’s much faster than the Xbox One. Isn’t that all about the new console generation?

Speaking of which, tomorrow we’ll be comparing load times on the PlayStation 5 and cross-platform testing once we have access to games that can run on all machines.

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