Game of the Year 2020-Our Choice for the Best Game of 2020

We are nearing the end of 2020 and it is time to look back on our choices. This year’s game, And that’s not the case Cyberpunk 2077.

We asked volunteers to pick the top choice for the 2020 game, and this is what they will come back with you.

Coming from adam DOOM 64

You’re probably looking at me and wondering how many cracks I have. DOOM 64? A 23 year old game as my Game of the Year in 2020? Yeah, yeah, that’s right. DOOM 64 is, for me, the best version of DOOM ever created, the best DOOM game duration (yes, DOOM 2016 was pretty good, but this is better), and already 10 / This remastered version of 10 games is even better. In a year of playing some great remasters, DOOM 64 is highly regarded on the list and shows how it should be done.

Originally built from scratch on the DOOM for the N64, DOOM64 features new stories, new puzzle-oriented maps, sprites and sounds. The soundtrack was built with little ambient noise and almost no music, adding an irreplaceable horror to the already atmospheric packaging. With original new episodes, full-screen support, full-screen antialiasing, and improved textures, Nightdive’s remaster has all been successful, including fast, meaningless gunplay. But the amazing gunplay at the heart of DOOM and the new evil level of design made me more excited today than any other shooter released recently. You can admire this title all day long, but just play it yourself.

Come from Paul The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV

Cold Steel IV Trajectory

I think it is necessary to introduce Nihon Falcom’s “The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV” as a potential candidate for the Game of the Year. Because, to be honest with me, Trails of Cold Steel has always been highly regarded throughout The Legend of Heroes for its size and fascinating adventures. So if you haven’t heard of any of these titles, I hope it’s a powerful and wonderful rock you live in and there’s two room.

But all the jokes aside, most of the Trails of Cold Steel IV has to go with all the extraordinary culminations that happened from the beginning of the series. From a group of shabby military students thrown into the depths of conflict to the very adventures that shaped their bonds into unwavering friendships. A mixture of supernatural and Elevonia’s rich history, this long arc not only gives a profound meaning to the JRPG genre, but also ruins the games that will appear in the coming years. There’s a very impressive story here, but its core gameplay isn’t disappointing. It’s mine, what are you?

Come from Aidan Factorio When Bring Me the Horizon-Posthuman: Survival Horror Album

Factorio – Steam 14th August 2020


Long early access period of 25 to 4 yearsth In February 2016, Factorio is one of the few independent games with both soaring fame and ongoing development. Build a factory that automates mining, smelting, and creation, with the main purpose of setting up a crash landing on a hostile planet and moving the ship away, while at the same time protecting yourself from the lives of aliens on Earth. .. I hate the pollution you create.

Throughout its four-year Early Access cycle, Factorio has fulfilled many promises and revolutionized its own system without being dropped and continuously updated. As one of the few games I own, I’ve hit over 100 hours and currently sit around 333 hours, so I can really recommend this game in full release.

Purchase link: https: //


Bring Me the Horizon-Posthuman: Survival Horror Album

Bring Me the Horizon’s new album goes well with enthusiastic fans of older titles and has several love letters for millennials and above. A song that contains the entire script to minor references, the album is related to Resident Evil, Parasite Eve and Deathstrand. In addition to the game’s influence, there are also some songs featuring Evanescence’s Amy Lee and the band Babymetal in honor of Linkin Park.

For alternative rock fans, BMTH has albumed songs of several genres and styles, from heavy screams to melancholic pianos to dance tracks.Currently available for digital purchase and physical release is set to 22nd January 2021

Purchase link: https: //

Comes from Sahil and Craig R Hades


Hades is my GOTY in 2020. If you haven’t checked out yet, proceed to this review. The Supergiant Games team has created a game masterpiece. All aspects of the game are lovingly and meticulously crafted. The art style, the gameplay itself, and even the soundtrack are perfect. If you’re looking for a must-see game from 2020, Hades is for you. I highly recommend it and it deserves a GOTY title for me.

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Game of the Year 2020 – Our Choices for the Best Games of 2020

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